A few noob questions plz help

  1. If I want to archive data (.avi files) on both dozens of CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, should I do them both from the Hard Drive (assuming I can fit them all) or is it perfectly viable to burn them on CDs as I get them, delete the source from HD and then later on copy them from the CDs back to the HD for burning onto DVDs? In other words, will I be copying extra inevitable minor errors by burning the DVDs from a copied CD rather than straight from the HD? My goal is quality burns with as long life as possible.

1a) For archiving this data, I assume Disc-at-Once is the best method? I’m burning CDs at 24-32x on my 48x max burner and 2x on my dvd-burner. Is that smartburn option really good on Lite-Ons (ie adjusts speed as needed on the fly or something) or does it simply try to write at max 48x speed?

  1. What is a good simple software that will let me convert & burn MP3s into .wav so I can play them on my car stereo? I just tried Audio Central from my Roxio 6.x program and while it says it did it successfully, I’m having problems with playback on my stereos and even on my computer! I don’t get it because the files say ‘.wav’ and are all the right sizes (30-50mb) each. I wonder if it has something to do with the .m3u small file burnt at the end of the disc? I used DAO of course…

I’m using high quality Maxell DVDs on a NEC 2500A and medium quality Memorex CDs on a Lite-On 48161H Combo. Removed Nvidia Forceware drivers and DMA is set to ‘enabled if available’.

Any tips would greatly be appreciated here or PM me.


As for the audio problems, I’ve read that apparently burning .wav files onto standard 80min (700mb) CDs can often produce poor and unpredictable results (something to do with the size of the grooves).

So the solution to that part seems to get 74min (650mb) CDs as they should be highly more compatible in car stereos. Is it the same with 650mb CDs that the highest quality are generally TY, Maxell and TDK?