A few Nero questions

Can Nero (6,7, or 8) burn to two burners if one is IDE and the other SATA? I just put a SATA burner into a machine with an IDE burner and so far the answer seems to no unless something else is wrong. It used to work when I had two IDE burners with the full version of 6, but that one won’t recognize the new burner.

Also, another machine I own also now has two burners, both IDE, and the crippled version of 7 that came with a new burner for that one installed some crapware file searcher that eats up all the memory. I suppose that was just a careless install on my part and that I should strip it out next time I install it. I took it off because it was also preventing the machine from shutting down without me ending some program (IML I think).

Thanks for any pointers. While I like Nero, their customer support is the pits.

I tried with (4) 1 ATA 112, 2 SATA 203B and the external LiteOn on Nero 8 and there’s no ploblems with that :slight_smile:

Just make sure to “check” [I]use multiple writers[/I] before writing :wink:

Thanks. Then all I have tof do is wait for a cheap price. I’m assuming that the sites offering supercheap prices aren’t legit.

Does the Ultra version come with everything or is it going to ask for more money to use mp3s or divx32 or whatever?

I think Nero 8, trial version is fully functional for 2 weeks. You can rip audio cd’s to a number of formats with various settings. Lame is the build in encoder for mp3 and it has all necessary settings. Mp3Pro is included too but flac isn’t. (Must be a matter of convenience since flac is free…
Haven’t got a clue about the divx stuff since i don’t know how to use it :wink:

I think the price can vary between app 30-50€ depending on special offers, upgrades and stuff :slight_smile: