A few good browsers



Is there any fast browsers that i can download from the net? What do you think about Opera its fast but i don't have the code to deactivate the 30 day trial. Can any one tell me pls.


Opera 3.5
serial Coke6JHzykkFba27954644


but i have opera 3.60 32-bit
can anyone pls. tell me te serial code


Try this one :


Use any name…

It’s for v3.62.


pSyChO dAd


the 3.62 version of Opera still have bugs so i don’t want to get it but thank you for the code but do you have any other version like 3.60 cause i really need it pls.

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Might wanna try this one then :

It should work in v3.60.


pSyChO dAd