A few converting/burning programs will not work for me



Hi there, I’ve been having a problem for the past month.

My convertxtodvd started crashing my computer.
I’ve tried cleaning out the tower, installing, uninstalling updates for everything, re installing Vista, enlarging my memory etc. etc.

I finally gave up on that program, went to download the trial of Nero 8, it doesn’t work either. So, tried to go to Nero 7 (which i have disc) wasn’t compatible.

Went to dvdflick, bumped off one avi file, now it doesn’t work either, keep getting an error message that has no error on it.

I’ve tried disabling my Norton’s, my spybot and anyother programs I thought might be conflicting with these but nothing…

I’m very confused. To have all these programs and all of them not working.
These are the only programs I’m having trouble with, everything else is working ok.

Oh yeah, I’ve also ran all my antivirus’s, adware removers, reg cleaners, disk clean up, defragmenter etc. etc.

If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it.


when convertxtodvd will not work I use Apollo Divx to DVD Creator.


Thanks Much appreciated I will try the one that converts avi though. (crossing my fingers)


Wow, it worked thanks alot! I don’t understand why nothing else works though…