A Few 1640 BSLB Issues

I am currently using the 1640 to burn some DVD-Rs, and when I go to scan them using Nero CDspeed, it shows really high PIE values. I ran the same disc through CDspeed using my NEC 3540a drive and discovered much lower PIE values, which seems more normal. Not sure why my Benq is scanning such high PIE on DVD-Rs i burn, I also tested it with other DVD-Rs I burned (Ritek G04 and CMC MAG AM3) and they all report much higher PIE values than what my NEC 3540a reports. Here are two scans, included at the bottom, of the same disc on my Benq 1640 and my NEC 3540a.

Another issue I am encountering is when I burn DVD-R usings the Benq and using Nero. I set the write speed to 16x, yet the drive write only at 4x. I have already used QSuite to disable Solidburn, yet it still burns at 4x max, regardless of setting the speed at 16x. Overspeed is also disabled.

On a sidetrack, my NEC 3540a cannot read the DVD-Rs that I burn on my Liteon 411, yet the same DVD-Rs can be read on my Pioneer DVR-110D and my set top DVD player.

Finally, the lead in burn time when I burn DVD-Rs takes 3 min to complete. I have read some posts here about this issue and the posts said that it has something to do with Nero trying to bitset before it burns. I left the booktype setting at the default automatic in Nero. The NEC 3540a doesn’t take long during the lead ins. Is there another setting somewhere in Nero that I have to change? Thanks in advance for any help ^^

BSMB has much in the way of improvements on writing DVD-R. Why not upgrade?

And as for the lead-in, I don’t know, Nero certainly shouldn’t be BitSetting since that’s not possible with DVD-R.

There is a (known) flaw in NEC 3540 PIE repporting. Head over to NEC forum section for further details.
And most important, all drives read (and repport errors on) the disc different, even drives of same brand, therefore never compare you PIE/PIF scans from different drives because none of them is “accurate”.

You are using marginal media. RiTEKG04 is not present in **LB/**MB firmware anymore, causing drive to use generic write strategy when you disable SB. Try with SB enabled for unknown media. CMC AM3 has also proven a lot of variations in quality.
Even better, try some good +R’s (TY, Verbatim, Maxell) and give your drive the time to “learn” write good, (5 burns or so with SB/on).

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As already pointed out bitsetting -R’s is not possible and works only in theory, if at all.
Use “burner default settings” in Nero.

Long lead-In time is most probably also related to your current media. :slight_smile:

I must clarify/correct myself to prevent any missunderstanding when reading/interpreting this part of my post above… :doh:

Right is; …“And most important, all drives read (and repport errors) different”,…

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