A fatal error with 1633S @ JLMSXJ-HD166S

Hi!, my name is Alvaro. I´m from Costa Rica. These are the spec for my machine:

AMD ATHLON XP2000+ (1.67GHZ)
BIOS AMI 20/10/2004
Primary IDE 1 Master: WDC-WD400 (WESTERN DIGITAL 40GB)
Primary IDE 1 Slave: LiteOn DVD XJ-HD166S
Secondary IDE 2 Master: LiteOn SOHW-1633S
Secondary IDE 2 Slave: LiteOn LTR-52327
Windows XP PRO SP2

I think my DVD-ROM drive it´s dead, because i was looking a firmware for my SOHW-1633S and I found the one of codeguys, but since I installed de BS41 my DVD burner went crazy and show ilogical speeds, but when I roll back to the official firm of LiteOn I made a fatal mistake… I choose the XJ-HD166S.

I was very scared and my windows stops, I wait for the flashing to stops but it doesn´t finish so I have to push the reset button of my machine… but that was the worst thing i have done.

Because now my machine dont start if i plug the DVD-Rom, my unit is literally dead, i push every button of it and got no response.
But If I press the reset or CTRL-ALT-DEL and let it start again the BIOS recognizes my hard drive and XP starts but it doesnt recognize the dvd unit.

I have tried all, I now have put a hard drive Quantum Fireball 4.3G in the slave position in IDE 1 and works fine, the BIOS reads the HD unit… but if I put the Liteon DVD-Rom drive it doesn´t start and enters to BIOS setup and only recognize the Hard Drive and I can see the following legend:

Primary IDE Master: WDC-4000EB
Primary IDE slave: Not installed
Secondary IDE Master: SOHW-1633
Secondary IDE Slave: LTR-52327

And in the Boot devices only I can choose between the 1.44 floppy and SOHW-1633S, and I cant choose the HD for the boot priority.

Even if I unplug all the IDE devices I have to enter the CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart and got my hard drive recognized.

My DVD burner runs fine but using Ridata (Ritek) DVD-R sometimes it doesn´t burn using the NERO 6.6 reloded. Only works fine using DVD+R.

What should I do?.. What happened with my machine???

Is some utility?.. Even Windows doesnt read the DVD-Drive… a friend told me it locked by the flashing utility of the 1633S… but i have to buy another???.

Please guys and girls help me… and if any of you talk spanish let me know and put the problem in spanish…



I dont speak spanish, but I did the same thing as you! From what I understand you need to read this LINK and do exactly what it says. You can use Bablefish to translate into spanish(not too sure the accuracy of it though :confused:. Good luck, Michael.

Try Flashing with the following Firmware for your Drive if Windows
still able to see your drive.


Windows dont see my HD166S(DVD-ROM. The HD166S got the Mediatek chip?. How can I use the mtkflash?

I think the link is quite simple to follow.

But I dont understand this part:

“My computer hangs at detecting IDE devices now after my drive was misflashed (contains incomplete or incorrect firmware). How can I fix the drive if I cannot get into DOS? Your computer isn’t sure what it sees when looking at your misflashed drive, you’ll need to either disable the IDE channel that the drive is connected to in BIOS Setup or you can unplug the drive’s power connection until you’re at the command line in DOS at which point you may re-connect the drive’s power and flash the drive. Some people recommend attaching a working drive in the place of the misflashed drive while your computer boots, but this step adds unnecessary risk. Hot-plugging IDE devices is not a good idea, except in this case where your drive is already dead. Mtkflash only needs the drive to be plugged in properly at a known location to recover it.”

The MTKFLASH is a great tool, I used it on my JLMS and used the DS1E.BIN for flashing the unit.

I think thats all!, Now I can enjoy the DVD movies and my SOHW 1633S went to normal too using the BSOS firmware.!

Other thing I have to mention is that the NERO 6.6 make some trouble with RITEK (RIDATA) dvd-r disks. So I roll back to the 6.3 and use some Memorex DVD-R 4X and no one has failed!!!

Thanks to you all and CLUB CD FREAKS!!