A DVD walkman?

my question does not have to do with computer-related DVD but actual DVD so i hope this is a good place to ask.

i have a sony home theatre already, with speakers and woofers etc. unfortunately, it is not multiregion, which is now a major PITA.

my question: to augment my already existing system, would it be alright to buy, say, a small personal DVD walkman type thingie and somehow connect it to my current sony DVD player through cables etc? and get movies out of it? (of course for audio and for region 1 movies, i can use only sony, but for other regions…)

thanks for any ideas! what a busy forum this is!


Sure you can use one of them. There is really nothing different between them and a regular DVD player other than size. You can connect one to your system using the same cables (RCA or S-Video) so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but even portable DVD players have region protection. What you can do is just buy a region free DVD player.

Actually, a lot of portable players are indeed region free. This is to allow people that travel to buy and playback DVDs from different parts of the world. I live within walking distance of a Naval base (unfortunately) and I know for a fact that the exchange on there sells several portable DVD players, all region free.