A DVD Shrink alternative

Any great DVD Shrink alternative like AnyDVD,

I was trying to copy the exercise video but the DVD Shrink has a TS_VIDEO and TS_AUDIO output but couldn’t create an ISO Image, Any suggestion.

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You can use ImgBurn to make an ISO file from the output of DVDShrink. Use it in Build Mode and set output to ISO. ImgBurn will guide you and will change settings for you if necessary.

DVDDecrypter can output as an ISO. Both it and DVDShrink are long abandoned, and there are many encrypted discs they cannot handle. Also, DVDDecrypter won’t compress a movie at all.

DVDFab should be able to decrypt, rip and output as an ISO. It isn’t free to use, but is far more up to date on encryption. It can compress if you wish.

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You could also decrypt with DVDSmith and then use AVStoDVD to re-encode to the size of a standard single layer DVD setting the output as an ISO file so long as you have ImgBurn installed.

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