A DVD drive that does it all?

Im looking for a really good DVD drive.
An absolute must is of course that it works with CloneCD in reading protected data CDs(ie full subchannel data etc).
It must also rip audio CD’s at a good speed with no errors.
Im also planning to copy some DVD movies to my computer so it would be nice if it could do this as fast as possible.
Finally, though not extremely important, it would be nice if it would be able to read the new protected audio CDs(because i dont own an analog CD player at all, so im pretty much screwed with those cd’s).

Does anyone know how the Lite-On DVD drives fit this profile?

Sorry if this kind of questions gets asked all the time, but i did search the forums first…

Yes the Liteon and the Toshibas fit almost all these demands.

BUT I dont think either of them are any good at reading the NEW NEW audio protected CDs.

Thanks, ill guess ill find myself a 16x DVD drive, they are available everywhere and are pretty cheap.

I forgot the word LiteOn above :slight_smile: