A DVD burning issue I think may be related to codec

So I’m trying to burn a few avi’s to a disc to play in my home DVD player. 3/4 work fine (for the most part; more to come on that in a sec), but the fourth apparently has some issue that makes it entirely unreadable; my DVD player says “No HD support,” and skips to the next track.

I’ve never gotten that message before from the numerous videos I’ve burned and played on it, so I really don’t know what the problem is; I do have a few clues, however. After failing to achieve compatibility with my player, I noticed that the one video file was substantially larger than its counterparts, when they are from the same source and roughly the same length. I also noticed that, when I tried a different program to burn the disc, it would not let me add it to the que due to a “codec error.” I burned it with yet another program, and it would again not play in my DVD player.

From the above clues, I’m guessing that my DVD player has a problem with the codecs used to compress the file I’m trying to play. It may possibly be a high-definition file, although I seriously doubt it. But, I barely know anything about high-def or codecs in general, so I’m by no means correct. If you have any ideas, give me a shout.

My second problem is a bit simpler, I think. I sometimes have issues with files I have burned to where it skips around every now and then when I play it in my dvd player, yet both the original file and the burned one work fine played from my computer. I would think that it is an issue with burn speed, and that I should burn things slower, but if that were true, then would I not have the same skipping issue with my computer?

I’ll give player information if you need it, but I’m not going to bother typing it all out right now since I don’t think that it is relevant to my issue. Let me know, and get back to me. Thanks a lot,


DVD drives in computers can often times play files or dvds that stand alone player cannot, so slowing down burning speed might help. Depends on the media you are using and the burner. We generally recommend Verbatim 16x and Taiyo Yuden 8x +R media around here as consistently good quality, so if you aren’t using one of those, you might consider changing media as well as burning speed.

On mediocre media a general rule of thumb is to go half the rated speed, so lets say you are using Memorexocrap 16x, you should slow down to 8x.

On to the suspect avi file. Open it with MediaInfo or Gspot video utility. If the resolution is more than 720 x 480 (NTSC) or 720 x 576 (PAL), then your dvd player probably won’t play it. The fact that it is a larger size makes me suspect that it is HD resolution. These two video utilities will show the codec used in making the avi and the audio codec as well.

Yeah, it’s a larger resolution; nice catch there.

I’m gonna find out how to reduce video resolutions. If anyone has any further advice for me, be sure to drop it off. I’m gonna see if burning slower will help me at all, and if not, you’ll see me back here with that issue.

Like many people I thought that AVI meant that a certain codec had been used and that so long as have an AVI decoder you can play AVI files.

This is not the case at all.

AVI is a container format that can house a variety of files encoded with all manner of encoders.

What you need to do is determine what codec was used and see if your DVD player supports that codec.

Actually you don’t need to do that since it is pretty obvious that your DVD player does not support the code used in the 4th AVI file.

So what you need to really do is determine what codec was used to make the file and transcode it to a codec that your DVD player can read.

I’ve always used Gspot to determine codec type.


I’m sure MediaInfo is fine but I’ve never used it myself.


Just checked out Mediainfo and it works slick. It seems a little easier to use than Gspot.

Still I like Gspot for some reason…

Like many people I thought that AVI meant that a certain codec had been used and that so long as have an AVI decoder you can play AVI files.

Ahem You wound me. I never said that or even hinted that I did.

[QUOTE=Trepanation;2150327]Ahem You wound me. I never said that or even hinted that I did.[/QUOTE]Sorry, after giving that post a second read I attempted to go back and erase that line but could not get the EDIT box to come up???

Clearly from the title of the OP a codec issue was already suspected.

Evidently the edit box times out?

All right, so I sitll need a method for reducing the resolution of my video. I spent a half hour searching for some freeware, yet to no avail. Could someone point me in the right direction?

You’ll need to reencode it. It might help to know what codec was used in making the video you have now.

As for free tools, there are quite a few. Take a look at the conversion list over at videohelp.com

WinFF and SUPER spring to mind…but without knowledge of your starting point I can’t get too specific on recommendations.


I got the weirdest problem when I used SUPER - I tried to play the video who’s resolution I had reduced, and it showed like, the top half of the video, with my DVD player’s default screen showing in the bottom half. It plays fine in my computer.


What should I do next? I still have the original file.