A DVD burner with these features?

Hi everybody!

I’m looking for a DVD Burner with these features:

  1. DOUBLE LAYER burner with 16x speed (8x or 12x is also OK) on -R, that lets me record DVDs at 1x or 2x speed (to be well read by my ps2) and CDs at 4x speed (for my ps2 also and for my musicCds). Of course with higher speeds, but if I very important that let me burn at theses slowers speeds.

  2. Good compatability with cheap DVD media like Princo, etc…

  3. Booktype setting or at least burn at DVD-ROM type.

  4. If it’s possible, one of these burner that lets burn 8x media (in example) at speeds of 12x or 16x.

  5. Good web support, firmwares monthly (or something like this)…

I’ve bring my Philips DVDR1640P to the shop back because it wasn’t capable to burn CDs slower than 8x, -R slower than 2x and has some problems with the Princo DVDs.

What is the best choice? What of this features does it support?

Thank you very much! I’ve been reading a lot of reviews and I can’t found any burner that has all (or almost all) these features.

P.S: Ah! And Overburning for the 100 minutes CDs .