A dvd burner fails every time I change motherboard SOS (Samsung SH-S183A / TS-H653A)



[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-S183A / TS-H653A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]it happened twice with me , the first time I was having a sony DVD burner (E-ide) and a samsung sync writer (sata), both were working beautifully then when I changed my motherboard at the workshop, the sata one worked eratically, it writes dvd but when it writes a multisession it fails to read it, then it fails to read the whole dvd, where is the other burner reads the dvd perfectly.

The second time I was having a 3 m0nths old Lite-on dvd burner and a TSST dvd reader, and I upgraded my motherboard at the workshop, the reader(
IDE) worked, whereas the Sata one just fails to read or write anything.

Is this problem a common one, or is it a slave master problem, now I have 2 Sata hard disks and I bought 2 new burners LG (1 sata and 1 E-ide) , but I still have the faulty drive samsung sh-183A, Is there an explanation to what happened, or there is a way to get the faulty drive working by adjusting connections on my motherboard ( intel-DG35 EC).