A dumbass question - laptops and DVD burners



all this time i have been assuming a laptop needs to have an external burner.
can I install an internal burner in my Compaq laptop, replace my CD-ROM drive with it probably?
if so how difficult is this? to tell the truth i am much more intimidated by opening a laptop than a regular computer someone will probably have to do it for me - hence more hassle,
if less money.

any contributions will be appreciated…


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From the information you posted here I see your Compaq laptop is fairly new so there should’t be a problem to replace your current CD drive with a slim DVD burner:slight_smile:

My recommendation is to go with a NEC or Toshiba.
Don’t expect anything faster then 8x burns though.

Compaq also provides good manuals on how to proceed with replacing of your current optical drive.


why is that (8x max on lappy)?


El Mariachi -there’s less that a ‘slim’ dvd burner can do, I think, from looking at the link above.
it also looks like they are going for the same price as some external burners i could get.
i might end up going for an external since i don’t need to go through that installation…
thanks for the help!


You have to consider that the power supply on your laptop is much weaker than your desktop. Laptop drives are designed with size and power conservation in mind, they have to make choices.