A DL trt (a question)

This is a TRT done on a dual layer factory pressed disc.
The speed drops down on the layer change.
I would like to ask if this is something caused by an error (or errors) or it was mastered that way. There are two versions of a film on it (full-screen/widescreen). Is it possible that neither program reaches the layer break and that they are starting from the beginning of each layer? (so it’s not a continous data,like most DLs which give a ‘triangle’ when doing a trt).
It’s an early disc by Wamo (1999).
Test done on a Pio 112.

I believe that’s what’s called a Parallel Track Path disc (as opposed to most pressed media, which is OTP (Opposite Track Path).

Most often found, as you’ve mentioned, on discs with two versions of the same movie on it.

Bit of a long explanation required, so try Googling Opposite Track Path and Parallel Track Path for the main differences, how it handles the layer break etc. :slight_smile:

What I can add is that no, it’s not an error, it’s the way the disc is. :wink:

Thank You for your answer. The funny thing about this disc is that it is the only one I have encountered so far that comes out of the tray still spinning (only on standalone).Maybe that is a side effect of this kind of mastering on some player…

Arachne, your thoughts are absolutely correct. :smiley:

I learned something new today. :smiley:
Thanks to [B]Arachne [/B]for the answer, and to [B]makabre [/B]for the question! :flower: