A disc-sized lead-in?

Since last sunday, this little problem happened three times to me. When writing with my LiteOn drive (a 40x, oc’ed to 48x) it kept on writing the lead-in (until the disc was full). It happened with both Nero and CDRWin.
The source was different every time (mp3->audio, iso->data, loose files->data).

My OS is Win2k + SP3. My ASPI layer is ForceAspi 1.17 (I don’t think that’s the problem, since the problem has appeared in 2 writing programs; Nero doesn’t use ForceAspi)…

The media I used was different every time (Tevion, Platinum, Verbatim). None have shown much problems in the past, particularly the Platinums work fine with my drive!

try flashing back to the original f/w. Then burn a cd. If it works reflash to 48x. Burn a cd. Works? Great. If not i don’t know what to tell you.

Whenever i modded my liteon48x f/w to show up as ltr-52246s and f/w rev. 6S02, my drive spazzed out, so i reflashed to regular f/w and voila!

You fail to mention if the disc is good or not, that is, does it actually write the session?

i would assume that the disc is a coaster, otherwise why would he post if it was just a simple problem of the nero not reporting whats going on?

Have you tried the burner in another computer?

The CD is a coaster indeed… unreadable for the full 100%

I did not build it into another computer yet… too much work if it ain’t necessary…

It’s kinda hard to test as I’d have to burn really a lot… i burned about 80 cds since last sunday (Redhat 8.0 for my entire class, 5 discs per set)!

have you tried to see if isobuster can read any of it? Maybe the drive is going bad.

But it would probably be wise to test in another computer just to isolate the problem to your computer or the burner.

Funny you should mention that, Dee-ehn. I had the exact same problem happen to me with my previous overclocked drive. Now to pinpoint the cause is another story!..

I’d suggest reverting to the original firmware, i any case if you’rre burning a lot a fan blowing air on the burner would be a good idea. Lite-ON warns about burning to many at a time. I suggest you burn no more than ten copies at a time. If you have your case off like I have on my machine, you can feel it getting pretty warm after a while.

The temperature should not be any problem, my case temperature is below 25C! I just installed 6 additional casefans to cool my overclocked CPU (Athlon 1400 @ 1600, stressed 48C) and my harddrives etc etc…

I think I gonna try the clocking trick and see where it leads!