A DIFFERENT file asociation problem

hi, I seem to have foolishly associated my .php files with ‘internet explorer’ when I was having an issue, when it was my php server that had the problem, not the files themself. They open in new windows with parts of the coding visible, I tried to remedy this by changing the asociation to ‘notepad’ but that meirly opens them in notepad and shows the code, even when accessed through internet explorer. All I want is to find out how to take off any file asociation to any programs what-so-ever and give them back their origional misc. icon

thank ye all

your OS is ? if xp, then read http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;307859&sd=tech

yes, it is xp home, but that tell meonly how to set file assosiations from ‘non associated’ to specific programs, I need to figure out how to do the opposite. [set from being asociated with a program to being ‘non associated’ with anything]
thanks anyway

what your asking, if possible…would be bad. Imagine an os tryingto boot, without knowing how any program type should be opened? what you need to look for is something that “restores default settings”. :slight_smile:

Go back to the place where you associated the VOB extension to Notepad. Then once you have selected the VOB in the list, click the delete button. This will cause Windows to not know what to do with the file.