A Day In The Life of Wesociety

Ok… The thread title is slightly misleading…
I won’t be going into detail about an entire day.
But… I do have a very humorous DVD related story to share. :slight_smile:

So… I’m sitting at my PC.
DVDShrink is used to back up one of my newest DVDs.
Time to burn! Yeah!!!
Open up Nero, DVD Video compilation, locate files on my harddrive, add files into compilation and it’s GO time!
Testing out some new media. AML DVD-R @ 8X on NEC 2500A fw: Herrie 107v2b5. Burn completes successfully. Kprobe time! Pop disc out, toss (gently place) it into my LiteOn 411S. Scan time!
All of the sudden… Ka Blam! Lightning strikes my Apartment!
really? um, well no actually, I was just kidding. There is no real lightning in this story. Back to reality. Kprobe scan completes, disc looks decent. See DVD Test forum for visuals. So I’m thinking great, time to add the backup to my collection. Hmm, where did I put my DVD binder/book? Looking around… I then spot it on the ground next to my couch. I notice that the zipper on the DVD binder is open… I pick the binder up off of the floor and sit back down on my computer chair. I open the binder up… and a lizard jumps onto my lap! (I’m not kidding this time). obviously I wasn’t expecting a lizard in my DVD collection, so I jump out of my chair and toss my book and newly burnt dvd onto the carpeted floor. Oh crap… Where is the lizard? I don’t see it anywhere. Slight panic sets in… Wesociety is jumping up and down in his living room shaking his leg… a couple of shakes later and the lizard falls onto the ground and makes a break for a hiding spot behind a small trash can. but alas, it was too late for mr.lizard… as my cat had already spotted it! of course the cat runs at the trash can and uses her paw to promptly “bat” a swing at the lizard. the lizards tail is immediately dismembered from the torso and starts to wiggle wildly on the ground all by itself. the lizard (what’s left of it) runs away along the side of my entertainment center… but… more bad news for mr.lizard. Miss kitty didn’t fall for the old ‘wiggling tail’ trick, and she pursued the lizard immediately. a few more minutes playing with mr. lizard and it was time to close the deal. down the hatch mr. lizard went… my kitty ate the lizard whole. (almost whole… everything minus the tail). The excitement was almost over… We can’t forget about the ol wriggling tail. I had to pick up the tail and dispose of it and it of course it continued to wriggle and wiggle (creepy!). lizards like DVDs too! but not cats… and then it was back to the forums! I hope this true story can be enjoyed by some of you guys and gals. :iagree:

I think you need a new cat :stuck_out_tongue:

Shame, I would have kept the Lizard.

Oh btw, where do you live so I never visit that part of town. It frightens me already.

Cool, you’ve got a killer cat, just like me.

Lizard? Where do you live!?

My daughter likes to show tight fists towards the two Kitty-like dolls, popular in Japan and South Korea. I thought of getting real cats but hard to find even one here. The larger cat’s more than twice as big but she still kicks at it.

Eeeeewwwwwwwww. He ate it?

So did your DVD survive you tossing it onto the ground? :wink:

There seems to be a lot of lizards in the Southwest. I’ve seen them around a lot in California (little small ones, about the size of a fat pen) lurking right outside of buildings. But never one indoors. :eek:

I’m in Phoenix, AZ
Yes the DVD survived, but my cat tried to eat it :stuck_out_tongue: (jk)

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