A day in the life in W. Texas

I really didn’t anticipate much drama this Saturday, but life is full of the unexpected.

My sister is in the hospital 45 miles away, and I was going to go see her, but had some minor problems with belts on the truck and climbed underneath it this morning to find what was going on. After much cussing and fiddling with idler pulleys, I’ve decided I just have a noisy bearing in the alternator and will have to live with it for a while. Then I noticed the front left tire was basically flat.

Visit to hospital postponed.

$25 later the nail has been removed and I have a working vehicle again.

Go inside to fix lunch and find that the second refrigerator is kaput. We mostly use it as a freezer for meat, so I quickly stuff the main refrigerator’s freezer section with everything. I think it is still running full blast trying to catch up.

Hospital visit now set for tomorrow.

Blissfully unaware of upcoming events for the next four hours.

At 5:00 I go outside with four plates of cat food and a bag of dry food, only to be charged within seconds by two large dogs. One is a boxer, the other a VERY large Great Dane. I yelled at them to go away, and the Great Dane took this as an invitation to a fight. He grabbed my right arm in his mouth and bit me hard. The only way I could get loose was to punch the SOB in the head with my left hand, which gave me an opportunity to get back in the house, dripping blood along the way.

I was worried about our outside cats however, so I went and found the wooden head-knocker I made years ago and got back in the fight. The dogs didn’t like the looks of the head-knocker and being punched wasn’t on the big one’s agenda either, so they growled and snarled for a while as I drove them off my property. Turns out, I was the fourth person they had attacked or charged since they got out of their yard. I was the only one who got bit, but they are aggressive, nasty critters. The neighbors tell me this is only one in a long string of events with these dogs.

Animal control is going to pick up the Great Dane in the morning. The boxer looks like he’s going to get away scott free.

No apology from the owner, nor even an inquiry on my condition.

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Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed. How are the wounds? Did you need medical attention?

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I only got one rip across the skin on the top of my right arm, so it could have been much worse. A deep puncture might get infected easier I think. The owner says the dogs are up to date on rabies shots, but animal control will investigate that.

The whole neighborhood is pissed. We’ve got kids running around out there, and my sister is the one who normally feeds the cats at 5:00. They would have taken her down easily and mauled her.

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Sorry to hear about your sister & hope she is alright & that you finally get to visit her.

Sad that you had a bad Saturday morning with the vehicle & dogs. Strange that you didn’t shoot the dogs, it is Texas after all & definitely justified.

I live in Canada & in my town I have had several dogs try to attack me on my back porch while I am enjoying my coffee & smoke because owners here don’t like leash laws & just love letting their dogs run loose so they don’t have to poop n scoop. I have shot 8 vicious dogs over the last 12 years & in each & every case justified IAW the judge after the owners complained. Most of the owners were charged heavily & some were put in jail for 7 years after they attempted to retaliate against me & I had to put them down in self defence.

Hope they sort your dogs out eventually :slight_smile:

That’s awful Kerry! What a terrible string of disasters.

Hope you and your sister are okay.

This definitely shouldn’t be tolerated. Are there local laws that allow people to be charged for letting dangerous dogs lose? A rogue Chihuahua is one thing. A rogue Great Dane is something completely different. In our area there are laws targeted at certain breeds where the owner has legal responsibilities to ensue they are kept under more stringent control and there are more severe penalties if they are not.

When I lived in Texas, one could shoot those dogs with no repercussions.

And if I thought they might hurt my wife, I would certainly do so!

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That’s one hell of a day. Hope life is kinder to you in the future Kerry. :flower:

Also hope your quest for a 3950X CPU has been successful.

Went to the doctors on Monday for a blood test. On the way out was almost run over by a delivery van - came within two inches of hitting me in my wheelchair.

Not 20 seconds earlier the driver had walked past us and got in the van, then tried to drive off as we were walking past it. Stopped for a second when we banged on the side, then drove off. Probably committed two criminal offences in the process, but nobody cares. Certainly not DPD, the delivery company.

To top it all, got to go back for more blood to be taken next Monday. My sample didn’t get to the lab in time. :rolleyes: