A couple things

For soem reason I cant find DVD+R 16x Yuden at Supermediastore.com. Do they not exist?
And the last one…anyone hear of SONY DVD-R made in Austria? I found some in single packages, but wasn’t sure about them.

Rima.com, Meritline.com and genesysdtp.com sell T03, the latter two selling the hub printables.

Ah, living in Canada its not worth the shipping and prices, turns out to be like over 60 bucks for a 100 pack. Too bad, although its not a bad deal I guess, just thought it would be cheaper.

Look at the Bargain Basement there’s some Canadian deals people post there.

Check out Blankmedia.ca they have good prices.

[B]Kevatcrewe[/B] reported some bonding/stability problems with MIA Sony.
The few MIA Sony discs I used were fine, though.

If you are local and in toronto chekc out Superdealproducts.com
Their shipping is reasonable and they will price match too. I just got them to price match some TY White Hub Inkjet printables. :iagree: