A Couple Problems with 411S

Hey everyone, my first post. I’m hoping you can help.

I’ve searched the forums and seen this problem mentioned, but I haven’t seen any definitive solutions.

I got the 411S at the “Best Buy” thanksgiving sale and I’m just getting around to installing it.

Problem 1: The drive came with firmware FS02 and I’m trying to flash it to FS0F. Every time I execute the firmware update the utility comes up with a window that says “error - no drive detected”. Here are some specifics…

The drive does show up in the operating system device manager (Win 98 SE) and is recognized by the utility that came with the drive (MyDVD).

The drive was also recognized by Nero after I installed the latest release (it wasn’t prior to that).

The drive is installed as a slave on the secondary IDE bus. Other IDE connections:

Primary Master: Hard drive
Primary Slave: Tape Backup
Secondary Master: Pioneer DVD - CDRW drive

Motherboard: Asus P3V4X with VIA Apollo Pro chipset

Problem 2: DVD X Copy Platinum doesn’t recognize the drive at all. I run DVD X Copy and it asks me to run the drive select utility. When I run that utility there are no drives to select from. Have any of you run into this problem?

Thanks for any information you can provide on either of these problems.


Hi and welcome.
Try putting it as secondary master or primary slave. LiteONs flashers have its pequliarities. Are you using the most current version of DVD X Copy? I do not know much about that software but if you don’t upgrading (if you can) might help.

Do you have a virtual DVD drive running, I’ve read that these can cause problems with the flashing process.

I would also be tempted to disconect the other drive on the secondary channel - you never know

Big A

Abit KD7 Raid
Athlon XP 2500
512 MB 333 Ram
Liteon 411S
120 Gig Samsung Spinpoint
Dodgy old DVD Rom (LG)
FX5600 Graphics
Several Princo x4 - RW’s that my drive won’t read:a

Yes CD-ROM emulators may cause this flashing problem. Disable these while flashing.

Some known:

Daemon tools etc

Thanks everyone,

No CD ROM emulators running. In fact, never even installed.

I’ll try putting the drive as a secondary master and see if that works.

Anyone have any ideas on DVD X Copy platinum? I have the most current release of the software.

Thanks again


Originally posted by bboy1

Primary Master: Hard drive
Primary Slave: Tape Backup
Secondary Master: Pioneer DVD - CDRW drive

For a try disconnect the other devices. Especially your IDE Tape drive might not be so common. Using the burner as master might help, too. I had no problems using it as secondary slave under XP, but this might depend on the driver.