A couple of vista questions

Hi all.
First, I have noticed something strange about my vista 32 ultimate instalation. The windows folder is getting huge. I mean over 10gigs huge. I was wondering where all my drive space was going and noticed this after cleaning out the temp files and doing a drive cleanup. Anybody know if this is right?

Anybody know how to stop the defrag built in vista from defraging when the system is idle? The auto defrag is off yet it’s still doing it. I need it to stop as I ditched the vista defrag and installed oodefrag, a far supperior program, yet the vista defrag keeps on wrecking my drive layout.

Any help with this would be hugely appreciated.

Just to add, the biggest amount of space is being used by these folders

System, System 32 and winsxs.

Winsxs being the biggest at 5 1/2 gig.

The windows folder used to be aprox 5 gig with all updates untill a few days ago. Didn’t add anything new to the system. Have used AVG and addaware to check for malware with no joy. Peformence logs etc report nothing unusual.

Turn off system restore maybe?

(just guessing, I’m not getting into vista any more)

System restore is off. I never use it.

Found this artticle about the winsxs folder in vista


Seems like I not the only one seeing this folder getting big. Not convinced it’s normal yet. Could still be a bug or bit of malware. The folder nearly trippled in size overnight, without any instalation.

I’ve had a HP laptop with Vista Home Pemium that I haven’t installed hardly anything on. After doing disk cleanup and using Crap Cleaner somewhere hiding on the hard drive is 30gig. :eek: I thought it was system restore. Can’t
find anyway to limit the space it uses. If your system restore is off that makes me wonder where it all is hiding. :eek: :eek:

Still don’t think it’s normal. I think it could be a bug. Still can’t get why the windows folder can get so big without anything changing in my system. I had rectified the security settings for my windows folder not long after I installed vista and had been able to keep track of the size of it for a while. It litterly jumped up overnight, with no installation of any sort. Got to make you wonder…

i don’t know anything about vista really, but a quick google search shows you’re definitely not the only one with the problem…no one seems to know the solution yet it seems.

have you checked the microsoft knowledge base? I hate that thing otherwise I’d skim it for ya.

either way…you paid good money for vista…might as well give Mr. Gates (or his tech support) a call and ask what’s up.

have you checked the microsoft knowledge base? I hate that thing otherwise I’d skim it for ya.

Know what you mean. I just spent over an hour trawling through the thing. No info in the knowlege base about this. Have tried posting on microsoft technet to see if I can squeeze some info about this from someone. Next step will be to contact tech support and ask in person.

To disable the scheduled defrag I went into Adminitrative Tools/Computer Managment/Task Scheduler/Microsoft and on and on until I found defrag and and disabled it on the right side of the page. I’ll post a pic but it’s probably going to be quite large.

Thanx for the great info wobble. That’s better than what I was looking for, I thought I was looking at a registry fix. Cheers.

You can even delete the Scheduled Defrag by highlighting it (like in the pic) and clicking the red Delete X on the right side of the window.

One step ahead of you on that one. I deleted the defrag scedule and am now getting my drives back to the way I wan’t them. :bigsmile:

BTW do you have the same problem with the winsxs folder? Have you checked yet?

Yea I do. :eek:
I deleted all the un-wanted shit like games, AOL and stuff that I new I would never use when I got my laptop and if I remember correctly there was 18gig left on my hard drive. I’ve only installed a few small programs like Cute PDF, CCleaner, Ad-Aware and a few desktop pics and have 30gig on it now! Even with the winsxs folder being so big I think there is a hidden folder that does not show up even after setting the system to show hidden and protected operating sysem files somewhere with a whole lota shit in it. I got tired of looking for it. :eek:
I should have bought a Mac! :bigsmile:

I still havn’t had any reply on the technet form. I’ve spoken to other vista users on other forms. Not everybody’s seeing this issue. Backs up the theory that this isn’t normal behavour.
Wobble. Are you running vista 32? If so what version. Have noticed that all people seeing this are running either 32 ultimate or 32 home.

EDIT:- If it’s a vista bug, can’t believe the beta testers missed this. Then again people assume vista is going to take a lot of space anyway and the windows folder is normaly blocked untill you open it up using security settings so thats possibly why.

BTW wobble, open your users folder using security settings and see if your extra space is used in there. Also empty your restor points to see if this makes a difference.

i wish i could help more. it definitely seems like it should be more obvious what the solution is. if you do resolve it please post back. I don’t really have any more to add, but I’ve still been following this thread since I may end up with a vista pc in the near future.

Think I’ve figured out whats going on with this. First I came accross this information in a post in vistax64.com. It was posted in response to someone quering the size of winsxs.

Sxs stands for side by side versioning. This was an feature first
introduced, oddly enough, in Windows ME and of course improved in XP. It
was Microsoft’s solution to the “DLL Hell” issue that plagued Win 9x and
provided a way to support multiple versions of same named DLLs. Windows
would recognize a potential conflict and place an incoming DLL in the Winsxs
tree rather than overwriting it elsewhere, would store applicable registry
data, etc.

In Vista the use of Winsxs seems to have changed and been greatly expanded.
Vista includes the Net Framework as a core technology (i.e. and not as an
add in). Many of the files under Winsxs are related to the use of managed
code -headers, manifests, etc. Also, I concur with your thought that this
replaces the I386 folder. It seems to be a repository for installation
files as well as Dlls etc.

Got me curious enough to take a closer look at the contents of the folder. A lot didn’t make sense but I found multiple config files, exe’s, dll’s etc I linked to software that was uninstalled. There’s a lot of stuff that shouldn’t be there anymore. Basicly looks as if this folder isn’t getting emptied properly when uninstalling/updating. It’s building up garbage based on software going in and out of the system.
There’s 8,063 folders 29,595 files and a heck of a lot is not needed. It doesn’t seem to be the sole contributer to this problem but seems to be playing a big part. Could be an uninstall issue with software that was origionaly made for xp ( just a theory based on issues I saw xp software having with vista’s security ). I don’t have enough ifo to confirm that. One thing I am going to try is downloading a compatability update pack that I saw ms have posted. Might have a fix for this.

EDIT:- The folder is supposed to be big. Seems to be about 2 1/2, 3 gig average, but it definetly shouldn’t have built up as big as it did on my system. I have done a lot of installing and uninstalling with this vista installation though.

Just to update this and try to clarify. There’s seems to be just over 3 gigs data, in my winsxs folder, that belongs to vista itself then I’ve got over 2 gigs data thats related in some shape or form to software and hardware thats passed through the system, the majority of wich are deposits and various configs and data relating to it all and how vista uses everything. Another thing I’ve noticed is that there is odviously a lot of old driver stuff relating to this, still in the system32 folder.
I don’t know if this is meant to be the norm for vista but I do know that my winsxs forlder and system32 folder hold alot of stuff thats not needed anymore. Might just be normal, unfortunatly. Possibly a vista compatable driver cleaner program can be used to help tidy some of this up.

Doesn’t seem to be specificly related to xp specific software after all. Apologies for mentioning in the above post but as I said, it was just a theory.

I’m running Home premium 32bit. My winsxs folder is about the same as yours, 3gig.
What’s the link to the compatability update pack ?

Here’s the link you asked for.


It’s not an actual proper update but there’s a lot of good compatability tools and addins included in this to help you run old software properly. There also giving a free download of virtual pc further down the page.

My winsxs is actualy over 5 1/2 gig. It’s just that over 3 gig belongs to vista and the rest is crap built up by software and hardware that’s been in and out of my pc. Found stuff beloning to an old visual studio instalation. Found catalyst .net stuff and driver data etc from when I tested my brother’s gfx card for him etc. Basicly a lot of old garbage.
Tried to manualy delete this stuff by adjusting security settings and using elevated privleges but it came back.

BTW, just to add that I checked the winsxs folder of a compter that has been running xp for over a year and it’s about 40 megabyte so this caching of old crap seems to be new in vista.

EDIT:- The following main usfullness is included in act5.0.

The Compatibility Administrator assists you by:

Providing individual compatibility fixes and compatibility modes to resolve specific compatibility issues.
Enabling you to create custom compatibility fixes, compatibility modes, and compatibility databases.
Providing a query tool that enables you to search for installed fixes on your local computers.

I’ve noticed that it keeps track of everything you have ever downloaded, installed, uninstalled, everything. I don’t remember if that was in the winsxs folder or another one. What funny is that “CCleaner” removes all that stuff from XP. :confused:

Love your name! :cool:
Thanks for the link!