A couple of things regarding my LDW-811S

Firstly, hello. I am new to the forum and this is my first post.

I bought some Datawrite 4x DVD’s, my Liteon seems to copy them @ 2x? Could someone tell me why this is?

Also, how do I change the setting on my writer to make it UDMA? When I look in device manager it says : -


Its not a SCSI drive?

I have the latest firmware installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


scsi problem i am not sure about…1 of the hardware experts might be able to tell ya more.
the udma look in device manager at your ide/ata controllers and double click the ide your 811 is on…that will tell ya what dma mose you are currently running on. i would also get motherboard specific ide drivers (i might get flamed for being wrong lol). ie if ya have via board then get latest hyperion drivers which include an ide controller.
also for burn speed (ya never said media code or wether + or -) have you tried updateing your firmware with one of codekings firmwares with the omnipatcher which lets you alter writing stratergies so you can attempt to burn 2x at 4x or 4x at 8x etc. have a look in swapping write strats thread for link to firmware and patcher and search the thread for your media code for any success or failure stories

Thanks for the reply.

I tried using the patched latest firmware but still no joy.

The Datawrite discs are -r

Any other help would be appreiated.

I’d suspect thatthe 811 only recommends the datawrite DVD’s are burned at 2x.

Check what manufacturer the DVD’s are with Kprobe, or DVDinfo.