A couple of questions

What is fastest DVD ripping software. I use DVD Shrink 3.2 and am wondering what else is out there that does as good a job faster. I use the NEC ND-3550a burner with 1.06 firmware.
I burn DVD’s with Nero and also wondering if this uses bitseting? If not what firmware would?


Try CloneDVD and AnyDVD from slysoft.com. It uses a different process than DVDShrink (Shrink encodes, CloneDVD transcodes), but I have yet to have a problem with it’s copy quality. You can try it free for 21 days to decide if you want to buy it/them (AnyDVD is pretty much a must for any newer movies).


shrink is also a transcoder!!!

granted, it has deep analysis and other advanced features that most transcoders do not have, but it is nowhere near an encoder.

it does take longer IF you have these features enabled, but disabling these features will shorten the rip/burn time. It will also affect the output quality though.

transcoding is always a time saver whereas encoding takes a lot of time but has great quality to show for it.

dvd shrink is still a transcoder, but it takes a little longer and applies advanced quality features.