A couple of questions concerning the NEC 2510A



First let me thank you for your patience with me.

So I bought the NEC ND2510A from newegg and placed it in a firewire enclosure. I’m using a Mac (Mac OS 10.3.8) and Roxio Toast (6.0.7) for my burning needs.

Now I’m wondering what kind of media to use and whether I should upgrade the firmware. Currently I’m using RiData 4X DVD-R and the firmware is 2.15.
The problem that I have is that I bought a sampler of few 8X and they didn’t burn at 8X but rather at 4X. Now that I have read Liggy’s thread I realize that in order to burn at 8X speeds I either have to change firmware or buy a different brand of DVD-Rs.
What you suggest I should do?
I have access to a PC so I should be able to upgrade the firmware.
If you suggest that I should change the firmware which one would you suggest installing?
If you suggest that I change the media I’m using, which ones would you suggest? (I mostly use the burner for data and movie backups)

Again thanks for your time,


I suggest you to buy Verbatim DVD-R 4X or 8X and install official fw 2.17 from NEC (no warranty loss).

See www.nec.de


Take a look at this thread. I have this firmware and it is pretty good. I have found that my NEC 2510 burns most all media ok, and the better the media the better the burn.

Happy Burning…


So far I’m leaning towards the first suggestion of upgrading to the latest official firmware and using better quality media. The reason is that I only have one DVD burner and I can’t afford to mess it up. I don’t know for sure that upgrading to a patched fw will give me any advantages and on top of that I’m not sure how Toast (for the Mac) will react to the change.
Thanks for the suggestion though, if I get brave enough I might even try it. What are it’s advantages over the stock fw?


If you want to keep “stock” firmware, then use the official 2.F9. It is the latest Mad Dog firmware, which is a rebadged NEC unit. The Mad Dog just has a little different write strategy which I have found works a little better than the NEC version on the media I use. The hacked firmares out there just offer increased rip speeds, regional hacks so that you can play/burn imported discs, and are able to burn certain medias at increased speeds, bitsetting on DVD+R’s. Also the writing strategies are tweaked on some of them to improve the burn on certain medias. There is nothing wrong with the factory firmwares either.


Does it cache audio data?