A couple of noob NEC ND 3500 Q's

Hi all :slight_smile:

These are probebly very silly questions, but then again this is the newbie part of the forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking about buying a ND 3500, but there are a couple of things I’m wondering:

First of all, I’ve seen something called the ND 3500 AG being mentioned her and there. What does the AG stand for and in what way does it differ from the regular ND 3500?

Second, I’ve also seen the ND 3510 mentioned…and also promoted on some websites. I’m guessing this is the next model (after the 3500)…and if so, does anyone know when it’s expected to be released and how it might differ technically from the 3500? I’m wondering whether I might as well wait and buy the 3510 instead of the 3500.

Any info on these matters would be much appreciated indeed.

Thank’s in advance



3500 = 3500AG.
Its the same thing. It is just what is displayed on websites and programs.
Websites display NEC3500 and the programs that use the drive display NEC3500AG.

No idea on the 3510 yet.

Thank’s Womble…much appreciated. :slight_smile:



Does anybody know if the silver version of the 3500 front is metal (aluminium) or plastic?

Any help would be much apreciated:):):slight_smile: :iagree: