A couple of newly patched firmwares released

Since I had lots of stress at work recently I was not really in the mood for spending much time on firmwares in the evenings. Now that I’m on holiday, I found the time to work on the firmwares that I had on my harddisc waiting to be patched.

Due to some recent firmware updates containing multiple firmwares in one file, I also had to update Binflash to version 1.46 in order to find the best matching version within this update.
The following firmwares have been added to our site:

[li]TDK DVDRW 880N Firmware 1.39
[/li][li]NEC ND-3500A Firmware 2.98
[/li][li]Sony AW-Q170A Firmware 1.74
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-5170S Firmware 101B
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-5200A Firmware 1.09
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-5200S Firmware 1.04
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-5200S Firmware 1.09
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-5590A Firmware 1.04
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-5590A Firmware 1.05
[/li][li]NEC ND-6650A Firmware 1.43
[/li][li]NEC ND-6650A Firmware 2.43
[/li][li]Sony AW-G170A Firmware 1.75
[/li][li]Sony AW-G170S Firmware 1.73
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7200A Firmware 1.09
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7200S Firmware 1.09
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7200S Firmware 1.J1
[/li][li]Sony DRU-V204A Firmware 1.60
[/li][li]Sony DRU-V200S Firmware 1.60
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7201A Firmware 1.09
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7201S Firmware 1.09
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7203A Firmware 1.06b
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7203A Firmware 1.07
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7203A Firmware 1.09
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7203S Firmware 1.J1
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7203S Firmware 1.06
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7540A Firmware 1.D3
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7590A Firmware 1.04
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7590A Firmware 1.05
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7590S Firmware 1.01
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7590S Firmware 1.02
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7593A Firmware 1.02
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7593A Firmware 1.04
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7910A Firmware 1.D1
Please note that some of these firmwares can only be flashed with [post=2181364]Binflash version 1.46[/post] or higher. Due to the amount of patches it is not unlikely that some patched firmwares will not work as expected. Most patches have not been tested.

Thanks Liggy. Have a happy holiday!

I thank you also :iagree::iagree:

Thank you and happy holidays as well!

Thanks, Liggy! :flower:

Thanks liggy. I see you patched my 1.06B also(7203A) there was no need to do so, but thanks. flashed one of my drives with 1.09Bt_rpc1 for testing :bow::bow::bow::bow::bow::bow:

[QUOTE=puki ajam;2181493]I see you patched my 1.06B also(7203A) there was no need to do so, but thanks.[/QUOTE]
I thought that it really makes no difference if I patch 33 or 34 different firmwares :wink:

With some small tools that I wrote for my own use, most patches fortunately don’t take that long anymore.

Thanks liggy for the new 109 bt 7200A

Thank you! :clap:

wow 2.98 for my 3500. Thank you Liggy!

Thank you Liggy

As always greatly appreciated


Nice gift for Xmas.

Merry Xmas.


Thanks, happy holidays!

thank you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Liggy. Really appreciated, you are doing an awsome job.

Thank you Liggy ! I’ll test ripp lock removed firmware for my 7590S and 7590A drives, hope it will be a great change !

Thank you Liggy for all the great work !
I can upload 7910S firmware 1.D0 .I would like to have a rpc1 version.

BTW binflash 1.46 works with the 7910S.

Thanks Liggy! Happy Holidays! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the good work. Just flashed AD-7203S 1.09 and about to see if they’ve fixed disk@2 glitch. Happy holidays to everyone.

Liggy - Thank you very much for the gifts. Hope you’re enjoying your time off from work.

I tried to updated my AD-7590A to 1.05bt+rpc1 but it didn’t work…only 1.04bt+rpc1 flashed ok. Where did you get the 1.05 firmware from? Just wondering if there are variants of the 7590A.

BTW on the 7590S 1.01 firmware download descriptions, you’ve got them (original & yours) as 1.04…cosmetic but I thought I’d let you know.