A couple of more questions if I may ask



Hi all,

If you don’t mind please,

Since It doesn’t look like I have dvd cabiaplites on my computer right now and if I choose to go this route.

  1. Is there anything that would work with just a CD-RW drive to extract files from a DVD in order to put them on a cd? I got a DVD-Rom,I may want to do that with but might be a stretch…

2.What kind of video files that could be burned on a cd would be recknogized by a dvd player? VCD,Mpeg, VOB…

3.I might want to download some games via torrents and use an emulator or an image maker/burner to do so.What would be good tutorials on how to do those and what would good devices to use to do that???

Thanks and if I asked anything against forum rules I apologize,




Some brief answers, as this is not my area of expertise

  1. a CD-R(W) cannot read DVD
  2. if you want to play it on a standalone DVD player, generally VCD and VOB (authored) will work, some may also be able to play DIVX files
  3. there are legal downloads, but very little (if any) for consoles. Consoles (Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation) usually require a modchip to be able to play backups