A couple of good deals from Newegg

Looks like Newegg is getting in on the act. Here’s the Olevia Black 37" 16:9 8ms LCD HDTV w/ ATSC Tuner Inside Model 237V - Retail for$699.99. $300 instant savings. Shipping is $37.40.

Also for those that want a socket 939 upgrade they have the DFI Lanparty UT CFX3200-DR Socket 939 ATI CrossFire Radeon Xpress 3200 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail for $89.99. $80 instant savings. Shipping is $6.94. Makes me want to ebay my 2 month old Gigabyte boards and replace them with these!

Didn’t notice any good free shipping burner deals, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.


Just to clarify-

The original price is $170 - less $80 Instant Savings - resulting in a price of $90 plus $6.94 shipping-

and the 37" TV is $1000 - less $300 Instant Savings - resulting in a price of $700 plus $37.40 shipping-eh!

I would much rather have the 37" Westinghouse (with true 1080p res) that is going for $800+tax tomorrow. Granted it is a doorbuster for black friday and only for those with a Shopko or an RC Wiley in their area but it is one hell of a deal. The TV usually runs for $1300-$1400+shipping/tax.

Although having DLP 1080P is a plus but I ma not that impressed with Westinghouse brand of TV.

I am. I managed to snag one this morning and I love the thing. I don’t even have my HD converter hooked up to it yet and I am still having fun with it. There is a world of difference between the non 1080P and the 1080P sets though.

Jesterrace will pave the Blu-Ray way for the CDFREAKERS since he is the moderator. Jesterrace, get a PS3 when it becomes available, your problem solved. And if you cant wait, get a stand-a-lone Blu-Ray Player. Take CDFREAKS Arena to the Next Millenium

That might be a BIT hasty, considering we’re only 00.6% into this one! :wink: