A couple of Bittorent and Limewire questions

Ok. For Limewire

  1. If i download Limewire, then quickly download Limewire Pro, is that safer/better/faster or any of the above.
  2. What about if I just pay for it?
  3. Is Limewire faster than Bittorent?

And for Bittorent

  1. What is the best one
  2. What should i look for when Downloading a movie
  3. i’m a complete noob, any tutorials or helpful links/sites would be great

Sorry, Im really bad with this stuff. Thanks in advance.

Hi OneStepAhead welcome to the forum, if you use the search you will find everything you want to know and how to do it, it’s all there and been covered lots of times. Even has tutorials :slight_smile:

DO NOT use limewire it is full of porn, viruses, and spyware.

I use Utorrent or bitcomet with mininova, I have had no problems at all.

Regarding what to look for when downloading a movie, A dvd rip is best for quality.

also check out the comments section, but mainly it’s trial and error

downloading a dvd rip is illegal :cop:

Downloading anything from a torrent site is illegal :stuck_out_tongue:

some countries it is in some it ain’t so i hope they close this thread becouse we are talking about illegal downloading.


I was just saying that a dvd rip gives the best quality, but as you said downloading any movie from a torrent site is illegal, in most countries anyway.

It is up to the downloader whether he/she wants to take the risk. If the person gets caught they can not complain about the punishment they will receive.

Also note that most P2P apps provide NO anonymity whatsoever – your IP address is right there for the whole world to see, and your US-based ISP will be likely more than happy to hand over your details when faced with an subpoena.

Can i Download single songs quickly and easily from BitTorent?

… i thought that was the point in p2p

Downloading a DVD rip of a copyrighted movie is illegal.
Downloading a DVD rip of a free movie, or even a home movie recorded to DVD, isn’t.

No. Torrents are good for complete albums. For single songs, you’re better off with Frostwire (not Limewire) or Reverse connect. Or emule, if you enjoy pain.

Although that is true, you do have the option to select the song/s you want by unticking the box next to the song title when you open the file.

For single songs you can use [B]Ares[/B] finds anything you look for and the download speed is very fast.

As they say No pain No gain :slight_smile:

the speed you download at has many varaibles…
how many seeders
how many peers
what type of connection they have
what type you have
and most importantly…are they online!
hey heres a list of web sites for torrents…

but like they said use Frostwire or another P2P for singles

you could always get hold of limewire pro. The only downside to Limewire is that you can hardly ever find any song files that are higher than 128kb bit rate. Best part is that you can get it by searching regular limewire :bigsmile: Be sure to scan ur comp for virus. First version of limewire pro i got gave my comp a virus, second i got was fine.

Ok. If i download limewire and rarely use it. As in I download a couple programs I want and then I download a couple songs here and there, what is the likelyhood that it will give me a virus/trojan?

That Question Nobody can answer! The First file you down load could have a virus/Trojan in it or you can download 10 files and they are clean. There are a few Trojans that are very hard to detect and not all virus scanners will pick it up, even when your virus scanner gives it the all clear you could still have a Trojan undetected in a file you downloaded.

thats just the risk you take when you download from any P2P .
Each file is uploaded by a person…and that person can add a virus/trojan/worm to any exe.

Also with the latest viruses, downloading is not recommended off p2p