A couple of Best Buy Finds

I went into Best Buy this weekend and found some TDK DVD+R 50 disc cake boxes for $5.99 each. I have used the TDK brand in the past and for backups of DVDs to give the kids in order to save the wear and tear on the originals they works fine. They are Daxon AZ3 discs for those that care about such things.

The real find was an Antech computer case with an Earthwatt 380 watt power supply for $69 plus tax. This is a very good power supply with an efficiency rating of over 80%. I needed a case and this one looks to be fairly decent for the price. It is quite and has a three speed 120mm rear fan. I don’t care for all the glitz and whirling LEDs in a lot of cases so this one suits me very well. I got the all black version of the case. It looks like they may be trying to clear these out to make room for something new. This case actually dropped my CPU temperature by several degrees compared to the old case. Here’s a link to the same unit that is sold at Newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductReview.aspx?Item=N82E16811129031 Here is a link to Best Buy: http://tinyurl.com/2b5hhb

Right now in some stores they are blowing things out. I got a $70 Dynex case with a 500 watt PS for only $20 and a Insignia ipod boombox for only $18. Some stores had a Toshiba s205-s5800 laptop for only $267. Yes, it was only a Celeron with 512mb memory but for that price if i had the money i would have bought it, maxed the memory and put WinXP on it. For the really good deals you have to look around because on some of the clearance items the prices are different at different stores. If you call around you might be able to get a helpful employee help you find it (hey, it could happen :rolleyes:) but remember the price will be different at certain stores.