A couple dumb questions!?

I’m a week old newbie to this DVD burning stuff so excuse my stupidity if this question is dumb.

I have two DVD players installed - one is an older DVD ROM - the other a new Sony DRU-510A burner. I tried to copy one of my DVD discs using Shrink. When I put the DVD into the new Sony it came up with a message that it wouldn’t read as it was copy protected - when I took it out and inserted it into the older ROM drive it read it perfectly. Once read it burned fine.

Question: Does this mean that older drives lack the ability to recognize ‘newer’ copy protect methods - and if so - would it be good to have one of installed in order to make doing your backups easier? Or is there another explanation for this?

Question two: In reading up on the DVD copy/author/burn process I noticed a plethora of options re: software and methods. Some methods seem pretty elaborate - such as using DVD Decryptor - TMPENC - even reauthoring using prog’s such as Maestro. Yet there are ‘quick&easy’ - like ‘Shrink’ out there. Are some of these options ‘older’ approaches reflecting the state of things a few years ago - or are they still viable choices.

For example - does programs such as ‘Shrink’ achieve the same result (but much easier) than many of these longer (numerous steps & combined prog’s) solutions - or is it a matter of quality. I’m confused as to why people would bother with these elaborate ‘solutions’ - such as TMPEnc or Maestro etc. when there are programs such as Shrink out there?

Sorry if it’s a dumb question - but what appears obvious to the experience is rarely so to the newbie - but I’m ‘learning’ fast



for ur first question, can the sony rip the dvd when using dvd decrypter?

for ur second question, the more more involved methods were developed before one-click transcoders were available. when done properly, these methods will produce higher quality output; the trade-off is that they require more user intervention, knowledge, and time than the one-clicks.

Re; answer to 1st question - I’ve only tried ‘ripping’ with 'shrink - but will go back and test the Sony with Decryptor. Thanks for that idea - I have read that Decryptor does ripping other wont do - so it is good to try it out. Still - I am curious as to whether newer DVD drives are built to be more ‘sensitive’ to copy protect than older ones .

re: answer to 2nc question - thanks for that info. I though this was the case - but I wasn’t sure. I did do some ‘forum browsing/reading’ on DVD ripping/authoring etc. a couple years ago - but as I couldn’t afford a DVD burner at the time I didn’t pursue it. Now - with a DVD burner - I’ve returned to ‘learning’ about the process - and was amazed to discover ‘one step’ programs that I never knew existed. I had geared myself for a ‘trial by fire’ with the ‘older’ tools. I must say that I’m pleased to find things have changed. I’d found the older methods a bit daunting for newbies.

Thanks the info - greatly appreciated