A constant spike (851S@832S VS0A)

I burnt some DVD+Rs, and made some KProbe2 scans. Last two of them show a strange behaviour: a “constant” spike, about at the same position on the disk (please note that I set "Remove the spike in KProbe2). I used OP, changing write strategy for the medium (RICOHJPNR00–>RICOHJPNR02, as other changes ended with bad results).
Any comments/suggestions?

Sounds like a linking problem at the shift point. I take it that this is a 8x burn? Uncheck early-shift. And maybe even uncheck force-shift.

Yes, they were both nurnt @8x. I’ll give a try to your suggestion, and check next disks again. Stay tuned!
Thanks! :slight_smile:

It seems a problem similar to the mine. Check my thread “spikes ‘n’ coasters”.