A Confused LG GSA-E40N

A newbie here.
I have an 8 month old external LG GSA-E40N super multi burner which has been a pleasure up till now.
As of yesterday it continues to read and burn dvds, films or good quality verbatim blanks but now all type of cds, audio or again good quality blanks are just not seen. I have uninstalled the driver in device manager and re set but still no joy. I have emailed LG and if I don’t get any joy, then its back to PC World.
In the meantime I was hoping It might be a shared experience.
Wish me luck, especially with PC Dimwits.

Probably a dead or dirty drive, could be the lens or the rubber where the cd lies on when it’s in the drive.
Try cleaning your drive with a cleaning cd (or open it if you dare and clean the lens with isopropanol). :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. Had tried the cleaning route without luck. No response from LG, so back it went to PC World and swopped it for another.
Thanks again for your help though.