A comprehensive guide to PS2, is there one?

Well its been a while to say the least, since ive been here and posted on these forums. Obviously im a bit rusty regarding the latest and greatest so im doing my best to find out as much as i can.

Ive got a dillema where my ps2 games are almost scratched beyond recognition and sometimes i have trouble loading them up on my ps2. Ive recently found out that there is a way to back up your games with a dvd burner and with the prices of burners coming down im intending to get one soon. So my question is, is there a comprehensive guide to backing up ps2 games, where it recommends burners, software, how to do it and what you can and cant do?

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

I’ve seen several guides around the internet on how to back up ps2 games. but all i do is use alcohol 120, put the ps2 game into the drive, and the proggie automatically recognises it as a ps2 game, read game to image and burn image. its that simple for me.

Gees, its that easy. I was expecting some kind of protection that there might be to bypass. Any DVD burner should be fine, + or -?

depends on the mod chip or slip/slide card you u (most play both formats)… you can’t just play burnt dvd games without some sort of modchip if u didn’t know…

earlier generations of the ps2 can’t read +. all can read -.