A comparison

Sorry if this is a topic that’s already been done, but your site is large, intimidating, and hard to easily search through. So I was wondering:

Has a comparison been made between EAC and Easy CD-DA Extractor? I know pio did a comparison with EAC and other rippers, but not Easy CD. So can anyone fill me in? Also, what special features does EAC have that no other rippers do?

EAC is, quality wise, one of the best. Plus, it’s free! If you don’t like it at least you haven’t lost any money. Have a go!


Well, I’ve downloaded a trial version of CD-DA extractor. I want my music to be lossless, but I don’t want to store them as wavs because Monkey’s Audio is the best lossless compression I know of.

Now I know everyone says EAC is the best, but from what I understand, everyone touts its LAME codec used for mp3s. That’s fine if you want to have mp3s, but what about if you don’t? Is it really worth it to use EAC to rip to wav and then have to convert to Monkey’s Audio?

Well, it is lossless and you pay nothing. In my opinion, CD-DA just isn’t worth it when the free alternatives exist.

Program vs program comparison?

How about comparing the methods?

If Easy CDDA Extractor doesn’t have “secure” ripping, then forget about it. Before the comparison even begins, rest assured that it loses to Exact Audio Copy.

Well, I went to their site. It doesn’t exactly say. What does “secure ripping” entail, and why is it so crucial?

Secure ripping entails re-reading troublesome spots on the CD.

Especially for scratched/smudged CD’s, it’s the difference between getting a good rip and getting a rip with popping, clicking and skipping.

What if you don’t hear any pops or snaps?