A Christmas carol

Anyone having problems backing up a Christmas carol 2010?
I am using Nero 9.

What decrypting software are you using? Did you try AnyDVD or DVDFab Decrypter?

DVD fab and the DVD fab passkey the recently update version. It will start and then stop just a few minutes into it.

I believe I had to use to get it

Thanks for the reply. I will try that one.

Still not working. Does anyone know the correct tittle?

Oh goodness. I give up.

Did you try AnyDVD?

I backed it up with a few different programs, but I do " Movie Only backups".:wink:

I have had no luck with anydvd. I have a lot of problems when trying to use this program.

I just can’t get it to backup.

Just did this DVD with CloneDVD2 And Anydvd 6721 beta. :smiley: No problems…

Went and exchanged my DVD. Got the movie playing and now the voices does not match the movement of the lips of the movie. What else can I do? Any suggestion would be greatly greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.