A cheap dvd player compatible with 5005?



Anybody know of a cheap dvd player ( in the uk) that plays 5005 recorded discs.I know this could depend on which discs are used but it’d be handy to know of one that that’ll handle everything the 5005 can throw at it (OR GETS EVEN CLOSE TO DOING THAT)


Nothing I’ve got. One of the girls at work gave me a list of the ones at her house the discs I recorded for her would work on. It’s in another thread someplace.


I have a 5006, and here’s how recorded disks play on units I’ve tried:

     Philips 623 - any disk plays ok
     Toshiba 3960 - all play, except for a TDK DVD-R (a Sony DVD-R plays ok)
     Cyberhome 300 - nothing plays; disk directory displayed



I’ve got a Magnavox (Phillips, natch) that plays everything from the 5005.


Awia DVD/VCR combo from 1999


verbatium 2.4X DVD+RWs
Maxell 4X DVD+RWs

Verbatium 4X DVD+Rs

Maxell 4X DVD-Rs
hope this helps


Apex…they play just about everything. Also, you need to make sure and “finalize” your discs for them to be read in most DVD players.


Thanks for your input.It gives me a better chance of getting something compatable.


I’d go for the Pacific 1002 sold by asda (about £30 now I think), it’s played everything I’ve thrown at it, be it + or - disks


I just replaced my old Cyberhome (it finally died). I took some dvd’s with me when I went shoppping to see what would work before I bought. I found that a newer Philips (642) wouldn’t play dvd-r. Same with a Samsung. Target, however, had a Memorex 2042 on sale for $44 that played everything I put in it, from my lvw-5006 and from my pc dvd burner.