A change in opinion about Masushita UJ 875s and cyberlink power2go

Two things that most of you would dissagree with me :

  1. I have been using nero , But recently switched to Cyberlink Power2go 6 . Power2go 6 gives me quality burns (checked with nero cd-dvd speed and dvdinfopro) and also GUI of power2go6 is better than nero 9

so I am telling POWER2GO 6 is better than Nero.


power2go 6 uses incredible less cpu while burning ( 3 percent).
classy interface
i am a fan of cyberlink products

  1. Matsushita drives are not that bad (Or is UJ875 S slot load an exception? Or i was extermely lucky getting the best matsushita drive?)

My UJ 875S has written more than 100 dvds now . No errors . Nothing…

well i only use sony DVD+r and imation cd-r .

Another interesting thing is my drive is picking up incredibly scratched disks without any issue.

So my Question here is IS MATSUSHITA UJ 875s good?

i also have 1 lg drive, 1 samsung drive.

And i am not an employee of panasonic/matsushita/matshita Or Cyberlink … Haaa haaa

@ _sekhar,

There are numerous other Software Programs than the over bloated and buggy N E R O v8 and/or C y b e r l i n k P o w e r 2 g o software programs and many of them are “FreeWare”.

Suggest viewing the General Software Forum Read First posting titled “Free Downloads" (http://club.cdfreaks.com/f3/free-downloads-your-welcome-128075).

Also there are better and more reliable choices of Media other than your Sony and/or Imation Branded Media. Suggest for quality error free consistent Burning results used known proven quality such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media which has a proven track history of consistent quality error free results.