A challenging issue

Ok now how do I explain this. Well here it goes

I make Dvd to divx copies for myself. Now all the movies on all the cdr’s that I recorded played excellent. This is what happend. I put two movies, one in the burner and other in the dvd drive, both were divx. I fired up zoom player and played one movie and picked the other to see the quality difference, but something happened, it froze. Ok then I rebooted.

Now I can play all movies in any player as before but cant play this movie. The problem is not just that. I Dble click my computer Icon. The window opens listing my drives and the name of that cdr on which the movie is. When I try to explore the cd the whole system crashes kernel 32.dl something and explorer refreses until the cd is in the drive. There are other errors like the pc does not respond at all, then i have to reboot. Now I tried in both the drives and does not work. I open media player, zoom player etc and open file pick that file on the cdr to play the movi and gone, all these appz just close without warning as soon as I choose the file and press open.
Ok now I would think the cdr has had it if I hadnt tested it on my friend pc today

I tried in other computers and it works fine

Now why cant I play it
plz help

so, the disk seems corrupt then? or it has a virus???

have you got av software on your sys with the latest dats??
which O/S are you using? 98 or ME I assume???

as you created both divx’s, and you’ve tried the hardware in another machine it points to an OS problem or data corruption on the disk.

I would do a scandisk/virus scan/windowsupdate and then try again… failing which re-load windows (everyones favourite passtime !¬)

Well after lots of f**king around I tried ISO buster and well I could copy the movie to my Hard drive and still the movie works fine. But when I pop the cd in and make either the explorer read it or Wmp7 or zoom player or any other player for that matter it just stuffs up. Its stuffs up with both cd drives. The cd plays fine on others computers.

OS Win me

P3 450Mhz
128 MB ram
5X dvd rom Dxr2 creative
ricoh burner