A Challenge: Rewrite the contents of tracks to a CDR

Hi all, I’ve got a bit of a challenge for anyone who maybe interested…I’m the kind of person who wastes my life finding solutions to problems nobody asked to be solved, so please ignore this thread if you’re not a fan of such challenges! :rolleyes:

I’ve just tried burning an audio CD, and Nero managed to freeze the machine in the process…very helpful of it…it appeared to be at 7% at the point of the freeze.

Being the kind of madman I am, I didn’t just chuck the CD away and start again, I looked at it with a few bits of software to see what it had done…it appears that some kind of table of contents has been written as everything (including Windows, iTunes etc…) recognise the existance of tracks and will “play them”…but there is no music to any of them…just a “tick tick” like playing an old LP!

Taking a look at the hex behind the first track, its a repeating pattern, so I’m imagining this is the raw CD, and no music has been written to the track.

and so…the challenge…

If you haven’t worked it out yet, my mind is saying…“why can’t I just write the missing bit to the failed CDR?”.

I’m guessing everybody is going to say this can’t be done, and of course most software will agree with you…but I don’t believe its impossible, the sectors have been allocated, so the contents just have to be written to the right place.

I’ve toyed with the idea of lifting out the protection in Nero that prevents writting to non-blank media and then reburning to the cdr, but this wouldn’t just mean a load of decompiling, but also get me in a lot of trouble with the nice people at Nero! :wink: (So I’m not going to go doing any of this…just for the copyright focused among you!)

So does anyone know if its possible to essentially reburn a CDR (with same audio data) so as to “fill in” the missing elements? I know this isn’t something basic software like Nero will do, but is it possible with some nifty coding? and if so, has anyone had a go?

…oh, and for those of you who are about to ask “why bother?”…some of us just like a challenge, but this challenge is beyond me and I thought some bright spark might want to show the world what they can do!

Any bright sparks out there? :bigsmile:


Welcome to the forum, I am sure there are plenty of code writers here that can do as you ask, but for some time is precious and others have plenty to waste, maybe you will get a taker on your challenge, I wish you luck. LOL. Its good to see some new ideas, but the end has to justify the means ( for me anyway) so I will just wish you luck and hope you find your answers.:slight_smile: