A challenge - "Greatest Hits" off numerous DVDs?


My Brother and I are looking for a simple :rolleyes: method to create a “Greatest Hits” DVD from numerous DVDs we own. We’d like to take certain parts of a DVD (sometimes a chapter and somtimes just part of a concert - one tune)

We are not really concerned with compressing the Video although we’ve not adverse to a reasonable amount either. We do want to be able to maintain AC3 and / or DTS sound of course :bigsmile:

I’ve used CloneDVD, Pinnacle Instant Copy, WinDVD Producer, DVD Decrypter, Pinnacle Studio, Etc., and even a bit of Adobe Premier Pro, but most of these seem concerned with either backing up a single movie onto one DVD, or authoring from captured home movies (which I also do).

I’ve looked at using WinDVD Recorder to record the portion of the DVD. But I don’t know if it would record all the audio tracks. Would I then have to transcode or render it into a format compatible with an authoring type program (like Studio ?) and then convert it to DVD burnable files ?

Any comments would be apreciated. Thanks for the assist.

DVD Shrink will do what you want.

Load the dvd into DVD shrink and click the “start/end” button. Then use the slider to pick out the portion you want saving and discard the rest, its damn easy to use as well :wink:

It will save the selected section of movie complete with AC3 sound track.

Yes, you can use DVDShrink as described here:



Thanks for the info and the link. :bow: I did the DVD Shrink only method as a test and it works quite well. (And simple - I always try to use the Keep It Simple Stupid - KISS Method)

I want to keep the ability to do DTS as well as AC3 - all with Menus so I guess I’ll have to learn DVD lab as well.

Thanks for the assist.:smiley:

Wow - :eek: I’m learning lots but finding out how much I don’t know :o .

I want to keep all soundtracks for these concerts and their original aspect ratios. But DVD Lab will do the former, but the latter it changes all the formats to the first one on the DVD :confused: For Example: The Eagles Hell Freezes Over DVD is DTS and 4:3 whereas Elton John One Night only is AC3 and 16:9. So if The Eagles are the first track on the disk all of the disk is 4:3 ??

Are there any packages out there that will do all soundtracks (AC3, DTS, PCM) and both aspect ratios ?

Thanks for your help.:smiley:


I’m still learning but It’s a long Putt:iagree: . I’m not certain if it’s really DVD Shrink, or something unique to the Elton John DVD. I tried to make a compilation disk with only 16:9 Aspect video clips (to avoid the problem) but the Elton John tunes still all came out 4:3 :confused: :confused:

I even tried it again with the same results. :eek: I also noticed that both disks gave me a Disk Error on my Stand Alone Player (SCE) when I got to the 14 Track (of 17 Tunes). :sad:

Do you have any idea why either of these would happen ? Thanks for the assist:bow:

Well, I keep trying. :slight_smile:

I took the Rock Compliation DVD+RW over to my Brothers tonight to see how his new Pioneer DV-563A-S Progressive Scan DVD Audio/SACD DVD Player would handle it. :eek: It played flawlessly. Even the 4:3 issue with the Elton John tunes was gone :smiley: - they played in 16:9 !

But now I’m very confused.:confused: I guess my SCE Player must not handle this type of disk well. Maybe time to look into the Pioneer :iagree: