A cdfreak travel bag

I just got home from Cairo (Egypt’s capital) with a treasure :wink:

I left all my clothes at my aunts’ and somebody is gonna get them for me and that was because I didn’t find enough room in the bag for anything other than DVD media and the replacement for my dead Lite On 20A1P .

My parents were shocked when they saw the bag :bigsmile: , they thought that I’ve gone completely mad .

So , my question : how far would anybody go to prove being a true cdfreak ? :smiley:

Nice Tweety bird sheets :bigsmile:

Nice haul :smiley:

very nice see u got some tys :stuck_out_tongue:

Paraphrasing Erasmus:

When I get a little money, I buy media
If anything is left, I buy food and clothes


My CD Freakness is already declining :frowning:
The nice 8x and MIJ media has almost fully disappeared from German shelves, therefore the great feeling of having found something special and rare is no more.

However, there is hope left; my CD Freakness is on hiatus for Blu-ray. :slight_smile:

Hahaha, Mina, that’s brilliant :bigsmile:…a true CDFreak indeed (we’ll overlook the Tweety Bird sheets for now) :wink:

@Evilboy - funny, it’s starting to disappear here as well - in Staples and PCW, where there’s usually spindles of TY Verb CDRs, there were none when I last went there :eek:…hope this isn’t the start of a trend.

Ok , what is that with the tweety bird sheets ? :confused:


I am not a kid , I am 29 years old , single and my mom handles the sheets on beds :bigsmile:

I forgot to mention media cound in that bag :

4X25 packs of Panasonic TYG03 :bow:


3X10 pack slim cases Samsung Pleomax OPTODISCR16 :clap:


50 HP 8X DVD+R CMC MAG E01 discs in slim cases :smiley:


10 disc spindle of TDK 16X DVD+R PRODISC R04 :slight_smile:


2 HP CMC MAG M01 LS discs in slim cases :iagree:


And 5 Aopen DVD-R 16X PRODISC S05 discs :frowning:


Total = 197 discs , that would just take me 3 months to burn because I burn 2 discs daily :eek:

Oh , I forgot to mention the 100 Verbatim spindle that a friend back from USA gave me :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all for teaching me this [B]expensive[/B] hobby :flower:

I only saw the TY Extra Protections for a short time. :frowning:
Now, everything seems to be back to normal and CMC. Although [I]CMC CD-R isn’t bad[/I], it’s just [I]not TY[/I].
There are still some Pastels left but the price has risen from € 10.99 to a whopping € 12.99 for a 50 disc cakebox.

I was thinking about DVD media when I wrote that though… except for the occasional Verbatim-labeled YUDEN000 T03 or TYG03 there’s not too much left, even Panasonic TYG03 has vanished in the brick and mortar stores. :frowning:

[B]minaelromany[/B], you shouldn’t be sad at all about the PRODISC S05, they are perfectly okay for giveaways.
Interesting to see TDK relabeling Prodiscs in their blue packages now as well, until now I’ve seen MBI-made TDK 003, CMC-made TDK 003, CMC MAG M01 and YUDEN000 T03 in these packs. I’m interested in some more TDK-Prodisc scans :slight_smile:

Yep, I saw a couple of 50 pcs cakeboxes of Verb T03 on the last visit (at £19.99 a pack :Z), and Verb TYG03 and Panny TYG03 have disappeared as well.

@Mina - the sheets have Tweety Bird on them, and it’s funny :bigsmile:

3 months to get through 197 discs :eek:…it’d take me a bit longer LOL.

i went thru 600 dvds in a month :eek: :eek:

I definitely have about 2000 discs but I don’t use more than 50 a month, most of the discs are more like dust collecting museum exhibits.

I should really put my 4x +/-R discs (and the four TDK 16x CD-R :bow: ) behind glass and ask visitors for an admission fee. :iagree:

I know that gold days of quality 8X media are over and that is why I got the 50 CMC MAG E01 , and keep about 10 discs of T02 media for the idea kg_evilboy mentioned :wink:

I’ve found a good price for Panasonic TYG03 media in Europe if anybody is interested :


I also was amazed when TDK media turned out to be PRODISC R04 because videohelp only listed MIT TDK as RITEK :Z , CMC MAG M01 or TDK 003 while MII are MBI and MIJ are T03

I will burn some of them soon just for testing as I only trust TYG03 for my data

Thanks for the link, I’ll have to order some. :iagree:

Can I ask what is wrong with the S05? You put a sad face next to it?

I’d rather put a happy face next to that and a sad one next to the M01 with over 10% average jitter. I’ll take a 200k of PIE with lower jitter over a burn with less PIE but high jitter.

I prefer Prodisc R03 to MCC004… i got 100 discs per 29.99€ of EPRO dvd+r (prodisc r03) and the results are amazing, better than MCC004 and cheaper… Long term, i don’t know, but surely will be better than some CMC Mag by Memorex.

Have you seen these?


Yes, they’ve been around for a few months now, but it’s impossible to put them into the shopping cart.

Well , it is just personal preference , the CMC MAG M01 was regarded as a total crap and my first experience proved otherwise :bigsmile:
The jitter is not that bad either because the CMC MAG was scanned with DW 2000 (which reports higher jitter) and PRODISC S05 was scanned with Benq 1640

Here is another scan for CMC with 1640 this time :

Edit : I know that you prefer lower jitter for standalone playability and I don’t use standalone players at all , just my PC and rise in PIE specially at the edge may indicate fast degradation

Didn’t notice you used different drives for scanning :stuck_out_tongue:

The M01 looks slightly better for jitter with the other BenQ, even though it is high, the line is quite steady so that’s always good. Staircase type jumps are supposedly not very good.

I doubt the rise at the end could be any kind of sign that the disc may degrade after time. Some discs will just degrade and some won’t. It’s all kind of a matter of opinion I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Both discs should be perfect for everyday use. I have to admit, that M01 has very low PIF, which is good.

BTW - I just checked up on cdrinfo as well and the reflectivity of those optodisc media is not too bad at all. Check it out:

Yes , I’ve always thought that OPTODISCR16 is very good but unfortunately it is slightly more expensive than Panasonic TYG03 (which is awesome)

I guess that I am very lucky with media :stuck_out_tongue:

kg_evilboy : here is another TDK Prodisc R04 scan that I just burnt :