A CD Ripping Question

Is there a way you can rip music off of CD’s and also get the artist and song title to show up when you copy the ripped files to a new disk? :bigsmile:

yup… have you tried ripping with windows media player?

Be sure to use a program that uses the CDDB music database.
First load the information from the database and then start ripping…for example with EAC (search the forums for more info on that)

As well as EAC, CDex is a good choice. Get the info from the database, as Tax said, and rip your tracks.

EAC or CDex would be my two choices. Try them both out, and use whichever you prefer. :slight_smile:

And select “CD-Text” when burning ;).

Good thinking :bigsmile:

If you need a burning app then Burrrn (www.burrrn.net) will write CD-Text just fine.
It’s free of course.