A CD-R I burnt can't be read by my computer



Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me fix this problem I’m having.

I’m currently using Memorex 52X, 700 MB, CD-Rs to burn picture files (Mostly JPGS)

The burner I am using came standard with my laptop, it is a Toshiba SD-R9012. I have been burning the disks using 2X speed (I tried with Max, and it couldn’t read it in the end so I worked with 2X)

My Laptop is a IBM Thinkpad T41 with a 1.60GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM.

The problem I am having is that I cannot view the files burnt onto my CD-R. When I put the CD-R in, nothing happens at all. If I go from My Computer > D:\ it acts as if there were a blank disk in.

So far, I have burned four disks. One has been using Max speed and I haven’t been able to view any files using it. Three having been using 2X speed. One of them I am able to read half of the time (Sometimes when I put it in, it shows up but other times, the drive acts as if there was nothing in it) and two of them can’t be read at all.

Also, the disks aren’t full, they each have around 400-500 MB of data on them, again, mostly in the form of JPGs.

I’ve heard from somewhere that Memorex CD-Rs are unreliable. Is this true? If it is, what brands can I use next time? If not, can someone please help me find a solution to my problem?


Oh right, I forgot to mention, these CD-Rs can be read on my friend’s desktop and laptop. I also don’t have any other computers at my house, sorry =/


Do you have any other CDs or DVDs around?
Can you read these on your laptop?


Indeed Memorex is not the very best. I suggest to try Verbatim discs.

I second Dean’s suggestion: try to read discs with a different drive. If also other drives are not able to read the disc, then the disc was really bad burned (something often called a “coaster”).

If your drive fails also in writing a Verbatim disc, then the only solution is to get a new drive, possibly an external drive that can be connected via the USB port to your laptop :slight_smile:


Well since you say that the CD-R’s are readable in your friends lappy and also their desktop,then maybe it’s just your lappy that doesn’t like the memorex cd’s…Personally I find the memosux CD-R’s less problematic than the DVD discs…But yeah just try different media type see which plays nice with your lappy…And BTW,I never burn at max rated speed…JMHO


deanimator -
My laptop can read CD-Rs and DVDs

geno888 -
I can’t really buy any other disks right now (I’m in China, I doubt the quality of what I can get. I also won’t be returning to the United States until maybe November)

I’ve also tested the disks on a friend’s computer, they’ve worked fine

t0nee1 -
Mkay, I’ll give it a try with some CD-Rs I [I]might[/I] be able to “borrow” from a friend =P


Burning anything at max or 2x is not really ideal, especially with lower quality media such as Memortex.
I suggest you try other speeds…maybe around 12 or 16x

If that still isn’t good and you really want a solution now, then you should do as geno888 suggested and get an external drive


deanimator -
Alright, I’ll try burning at 12x and 16x on the weekend, swamped with work now (4 Essays on the FIRST day of school ==)