A case against overclocking

Since O/C’ing to VSO2, my LTR-40125S has shown a lot of pretty bizarre tests in WSES, so I decided to do a test. I burned 2 identical CDR’s, TY media at 32x. One burned with ZSOK firmware, one with VSO2. I then ran both in WSES, reading each in it’s own firmware at max read speed.
Here it is:

Sorry, I hit the wrong button and the system won’t let me delete my message, also won’t let me insert an image so I can’t show the WSES screen-shots.
Bottom line is that I’m seeing HUGE amounts of C1 and C2 errors when burning and reading with VS02, and very few errors when burning and reading in ZSOK. Also, reading the VSO2 burns with ZSOK firmware results in a huge reduction in errors as well.
Having piked my curiosity, I’ve ordered a new LTR-48125W to run side-by-side with my 40125S so I can compare the 2 with the different firmwares. I should have it in a couple days.

Please post when you do your tests aswell as to which firmware was better vs02, 04, or 06 as well as your 40x cdr with and without overclocking

Haven’t tested VSO4, but VSO2 is clearly better than VSO6 for reading lower error rates. None of them even come close to the ZSOK firmware on the 40x drive for low errors. I’m just not sure if this is a reading issue or a writing issue, or both. I’m anxious to see what the “real” 48x drive does.

Originally posted by rdgrimes
I’m just not sure if this is a reading issue or a writing issue, or both. I’m anxious to see what the “real” 48x drive does. [/B]

Both. I tested some media burned with ZS0A and checked with VS0x shows errors, and vicevcersa media burned with VS0x and checked with ZS0A shows no errors in most.

Discs burned with ZSOK show very few errors when read with either ZSOK OR VSO2, discs burned with VSO2 show LOADS of errors when read with VSO2, and much fewer when read with ZSOK, but still more than those burned with ZSOK.
I’m sure how to state these results, I’ve been unable to get a screen shot posted, I think that says it best.
One question is whether the 48x firmware causes the drive to read at a higher speed in WSES, as I have noted that limiting the read speed in WSES to 40x will make VSO2 look very much like ZSOK.

New 48125W drive is now in, under the 40125S. Here’s the first test:
Identical CDR’s, each burned at 40x in each drive.
WSES indicated that the 48x is creating more C1 errors than the 40x, but neither shows any C2 errors. (reading each in it’s own burner). When i swapped the CD’s in the drives, the 40x was much more willing to read the 48x’s disc than the opposite, but again no C2 errors on either. The 40x drive showed fewer C1 errors on the VSO2-burned disc than the VSO2 drive did.
Result: the 40x burner, ZSOK, is a better reader and writer at 40x than the 48x, VSO2, is, but not by much.
Next will be the side-by-side comparison of the 40x flashed to VSO2 and the 48x with VSO2, but i already believe that the 48x will outperform the 40x, stay tuned. It sure would be nice to have some media that is up to the 48x speeds! There sure seems to be some difference between these 2 drives, beyond the firmware.

BTW, WSES will allow you to test 2 burners in master-slave positions, you just have to switch them in the “setup” menu.
Also, the 40x drive burned the 40x disc in 3:14, the 48x drive burned the 40x disc in 2:51.

VS02 does 40 x burning starting at 22x going to 40x…the ZS0K starts at 18x and goes up to 40x…so this is why the 40x write speeds are different…

Great stuff rdgrimes…keep it coming :bow:

Well, things are all screwed up here.The 48125W is slave to the 40125S on secondary.
After flashing the 40125S to VS02, it not only caused the 40125S to start burniing high errors, but the 48125W ALSO did. I confirmed this in both WSES and CDSpeed. After flashing the 40125S back to ZSOK, it is now back to low-error burning/reading, but the 48125W is still burning crap. The CD’s that were burned on the 48x drive prior to flashing the 40x are just fine, everything burned after is crap. It would seem that not only is something wrong with the VS02 firmware that i got here, it has also managed to hose the new 48x drive in the flashing process. I suspect that mtkflash has flashed both drives somehow, even though it did not do so on the return flash.
Any thoughts on how to rescue the 48x drive are appreciated.

I would suggest remove the ide cable from the 40x drive and reflashing the 48x drive with MTKflash

if that fails PM KenL…he rescued his cdrw several times but I do not remember excactly what he did…he jumpered the drive or something and reflashed all is well…he is great contributor to the forum and I am sure he will be happy to help you

The problem is that I don’t have what I trust as being a good firmware, except for VS06.EXE The version of VS02 that I got from links here appears to be “bad”, and of course I failed to extract the “good” VS02 from the new 48x drive before I start messing around. I must be missing something. Maybe I’ll try VS06 on the 48x and see how it goes. I’ve certainly proved to my satisfaction that the “VS02.bin” that i got here is not good for the 40x drive, and apparently not for the 48x either.

:bigsmile: and it was I who did it with one such that he sent to me :bigsmile:

As for KenL, he’s a real gentleman, a very decent person - no doubts about it !

As for the jumper trick, our ways of handling it slightly differ and if needed we can help you. But I don’t think it’s necessary in your case.
Besides, it’s clear you’re capable of figuring it out on your own.

Cheers :wink:

Oh, btw, thanks to your posts :bow: I today flashed my drive back to 40125S (zs0K)

Ok …why do you say the fw VS02.bin that you got from here is bad??? I assume you mean from OC freaks site???

I can’t think of any other explanation. As I was dumb enough to not extract the VS02 from the new drive, I can’t prove it. I’ve got a lot more fiddling around to do. BUT, it appears to me that the 48x drive that came with VS02 was writing and reading MUCH better than the 40x drive with the VS02 I got here. (But now it’s not)
Let me put it this way, if what I’m seeing is the true writing/reading ability of the 48x drive with VS0x, I’m going to underclock it with ZSOK so I can burn at 40x without coasters, it’s that bad.
If anyone has a KNOWN good copy of VS02.EXE, or a virgin .bin extract from a new 48x drive, I’d like to have it to play with. I’ll also download a new .zip to use to see if mine got corrupted somehow.

i have been burnning with vs02 for weeks now and im not getting that many errors at all to none. these cds read fine in my toshiba 1402 and plextor 8/20 burner. i have burned svcd and vcd that play fine in every player i have that is capable of reading them.

im not sure what u are trying to prove. but i say that vs02 is the most stable firmware for my 40x o/c lite on.

btw how are u testing c1 errors.

as far as ocfreak said that cdr/w/rom/dvdrom can only detect c2 errors.

rdgrimes…you have a good suggestion if someone get a 48x cdrw with the VS02 fw it would be nice if they used mtkflash or another utlity to get another VS02 and comapre the 2 files…I wish I had a 48x cdrw to do this…

do not be so hard siliconsoul…there may have been a bad d/l or something but it always worth trying to get another copy

do not be so hard siliconsoul…there may have been a bad d/l or something but it always worth trying to get another copy

I re-downloaded it from O/C Freaks site and replaced my copies,
reflashed the 48x drive, same results. Burning coasters at 40x on TY media.
Next I’ll try VS01, VS04, VS06. I note that at least one other reports similar problems after using WSES, makes me wonder if there is something else going on. All I know for sure is that going to ZSOK fixes the problem.

Check it out !

Nick T :
40125s Firmware Failure
I have a LiteOn 40125S and tried to upgrade the firmware to VS02, but it came up with a “failed binary file” message and since then the green LCD stays on and my computer’s bios will not find the CD writer.

Doesn’t it remind you about something ?


I’m up to VS06 now, the results are pretty much the same. Next I will downgrade to ZSOK to underclock the drive just to confirm that this is not a hardware issue. The 40125S with ZSOK will read the discs that were written by the 48125W and show very few errors.