A car should never have



What would be a good reason NOT to buy a certain car?


a car should never have a built in seat shocker…like a mini electric chair

ok but death rays are not cool either


… automatic gearbox!


Fluffy dice hanging from the mirror … It subconsciously suggests that the driver should be involved in gunfights & chases where the dice can get maximum workout.


AM radios arent very useful, and a car with three wheels isnt a car, its a Messerschmitt. Two wheels and its a bike. One wheel and it is the funkiest car ever.


Ontopic: automatic gearbox! :Z


Auto Gearboxes are a definite No-No. They’re for crippled or lazy people.


You missed out “Lady Drivers” LOL


Wasn’t there a rule in the US that if a woman was driving, a bloke had to run 50ft ahead waving a red flag? :slight_smile:


@ Debro


Agrees. :iagree:


A car should never have the words Sinclair C5 on it

A car should never have a reg plate more valuable than the car

A car should never have more rust than paint

A car should never have stealable logos


Wouldn’t mind having one of these though:


Ah well… I could settle for that :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t want to drive (or etter: own) a car without a good stereo. The car itsself should be okay as well of course :slight_smile:


A good reason not to buy a certain car is if it’s review is more negative than positive in Consumer Reports. I’ve found that they review every car strictly and that their reviews are spot on in every category.


No you buy a car if they like it on Top Gear :stuck_out_tongue:
Of course you need to have a big wallet for those type of cars


If one needs a big wallet to buy those cars, then they should name that publication “Stripped Gears”! :stuck_out_tongue:


My parents bought a new car yesterday and I don’t even have the money to buy the old one. :frowning:

I’ve to settle with my old Mazda626. :iagree:


Residents in San Francisco are excused from the automatic gearbox thingy. The hills man, the hills.


only toy cars should be pink, i saw a pink lamborgini countach once and it looked rank :Z