A call to end copyright confusion

I just posted the article A call to end copyright confusion.

A lobbyist for the Motion Picture Association of America has predicted that copyright technology will be obliged on all electronic devices soon and has told the industry to move quickly to choose…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2989-A-call-to-end-copyright-confusion.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2989-A-call-to-end-copyright-confusion.html)

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Always nice to see Jack Valenti hasn’t lost his objectivety. Surely noone can doubt his word, right?? :d

wondog - as much as your right, unfortunately your sarcasm was a bit ironic because even though he has no objectivity, he’s a part of a nice powerful rich lobby group and so, America being the corrupt country it is, is going to obviously create a rule agreeing with him. As a result, the rest of the world, the lame assed bitch follower leaders that they are, will soon follow suit and do the same as that ANNOYING FUCKED UP FREAK suggests.

nila - Yeah exactly , I know, that’s what’s so sad about the whole ordeal. No matter how much shit Valenti and his peers talk, they’ll always be able to convin$e the “right” ppl to sway his/their way, simply on account of their raw “green”. I just relish in two facts: 1. I’m not American 2. IMO The Valentis of the world are ultimately fighting a loosing battle(despite the countless Sheep followers, which I agree sadly is a fact of life). The cat’s out of the bag and stopping/alterings ppls mindsets with regards to filesharing, “mod’ing” and various other circumvention schemes simply ain’t gonna happen. As long as a society is so rich that ppl have money to burn on Music, Movies etc. there will also always be ingenious ppl with the time and interest on their hands to experiment with and circumvent stuff(the numbers are growing day by day as well :-). That taken into account and furthermore adding to the mix that circumvention schemes can be publisized easilier than ever, I really don’t think Laventi & Co.'s got a prair in hell. No doubt Sh*thead and friends will be somewhat successful with their lobbying, but luckily all industries ultimately are dependant on user satisfaction and even shit-for-brains-users wont settle for crappy tunes that for instance wont play on a computer(everything’s becoming a computer more and more these days anyway so…). Another strategy for the industry are the grotesque strengthening of sentences that we see in the wake of the sept 11 incident. But seriously, making hacking compareable to a terrorist offense for instanse is beyond surreal and just wont stick in the long run. Those “Mickey Mouse Laws” haven’t come to stay(at least not in Europe). Now, the only real option I see the Industry having in the long run, is for them to wake up and smell the coffee and realize that technology is something you can utilize and not something you HAVE to fight!