A Call To Arms

I am sure this must have been covered but I my feelings are strong enough to repeat it:

With the uncertainty of media these days I feel a good retailer should post media codes on their website. My last order was for a bunch of Prodisk S03’s and I chose SuperMedia over Meritline because they listed the media code and I knew from fellow burn freaks that I had a good chance of being happy with those disks. For the U.S. market, Meritline has fine prices and shipping times that beat the pants off most suppliers but I switched because I follow these threads and had a firm idea what I wanted and a “Works in many drives” moniker on a website is just not enough anymore when brands we have come to like have changed manufacturers or suppliers and buying media becomes a roll of the dice.

My humble request is that if you have a supplier that lists media codes before a sale then drop them a note thanking them for that consideration. If your supplier doesn’t, like Meritline, urge them to do so. Ask them would they rather sell a 25 pack to whomever draws the short straw (let’s get Mikey - He’ll burn anything) to test a batch for compatibility or changes - or large orders for media we know WILL work in our drives. Most retailers get these disks in crates then repack them in cakebox’s or whatever. I don’t think taking a sample of the stock and running them through a reader would take that much time.

I know media codes aren’t the answer as there have been some reported forgeries but it’s much better than going by color, brand or packaging alone.

We should be a force to be reckoned with and treated as intelligent consumers.


Meritline has a lot more shortcomings than that. If you want good service, try http://www.accaproducts.com/ or http://www.rima.com/ (same company). Any questions you may have about a particular media will be answered by email within a few hours in most cases, very professional folks.

Media codes won’t help all that much, IMO. Witness the many who are having trouble with Ritek’s G04 media. Some of it seems to work, some doesn’t. There are multiple formulations, all called “Ritek G04” -R media.

BTW, you might save yourself some heartache if you check out businesses before you deal with them. One way to gain some insight is through http://www.resellerratings.com They’ve got a 0-10 rating on most businesses that have been around very long. The user comments are often quite revealing, too.

Thanks for the links, Acca has some nice prices :slight_smile:

My post was just an attempt to get resellers to provide more info through feedback from us and to tell good resellers that we appreciate their consideration. My rant on media codes stemmed from buying media that my burner didn’t even have a strategy for at the time and to provide at least a clue as to what I am buying.


Your idea is good, but IMO pretty unreal. Let’s face the reality: only cd freaks are interested in media codes, and this is a very small group of consumers. The majority do not distinguish between media brands and media manufacturers, and have no idea about media codes, ADIP, PI/PO and such. Many people have no idea that their “old” standalone players won’t play DVD+R, and they are not aware that the manual says so.
If you search and read the Media forum, you’ll have a pretty good idea what media to buy for your drive and where you can get it at a reasonable price. Information is available for the ones who needs it.

I wonder how many times rdgrimes posted the link to accaproducts :wink: