A burner not for burning

I will change my very old dvd reader pioneer dvd 104s, for a more recent dvd reader.
I would like to get the possibility to use Quality check such as Kprobe or quality test from nero cd dvd speed on it.
I have read on the forum, that dvd burner are much more reliable for scantest than dvd reader.
Can you advise me about the best dvd burner to use for reading and Quality scan on dvd ?


For KProbe, you must choose a lite-on burner. The SOHW-1633S, 1653S and 1673S are the obvious choices.

No other drives support KProbe.

Some other drives are capable of quality testing, but not through KProbe. For example, the BenQ DW-1620A is an excellent choice. Also the Plextor 712A and 716A support it through Plextools Pro.

Thx jucius !

NEC 2500 is a so bad reader, every time I do a speed test with it on dvd it tells me they are coaster :/. And my Pioneer 104S can’t do quality test.

Between BenQ and Lite-on drives which is the best reader ?
I just want to be sure to get the most reliable drive for making test and read back my backup media.