A burned DVD won't play in my DVD player

I just burned a DVD and it will not play in my stand alone DVD player but will play in my Liteon Burner perfectly.What do i have to do to enable playback of the DVD in my DVD player?I used DVD Shrink to burn the DVD.

what kind of media are you using ? some players are picky and will have problems with dvd+r or crappy media (princo, leaddata)…


I used Azo DVD-R to burn the dvd on.

Use Kprobe to check the error levels. Cheap -R is notoriously difficult to use with Lite-Ons.

Most important, what is the make and model of your standalone DVD player? Some will not play burned media at all, some will only read -R, some only read +R with bitsetting, some will read anything you put in, so we need to know what player it is.

My stand alone DVD player is a Sony DVD/VCR combo.The media i used to burn DVD on so far is Azo,Philips,And a blank DVD-R that came with my Liteon burner.I have burned to date about ten to eleven DVDs and they played in the DVD player without any problem .So far it is just this one DVD that i burned for a backup copy(the DVD is Tomorrow Never Dies a James Bond film).

As an explanation to my last message.The media i used to burn this particular DVD to was to date Azo,Philips,and the DVD-R that came my Liteon burner all with the same results.


Sure sounds like a media problem-

Suggest Ritek 8x -R’s or Tayio Yuden 8x - or + R’s for quality media at reasonable prices-

“A” grade media can be found at either www.rima.com or www.supermediastore.com for the most reasonable prices from a reliable reseller-


Equally important is the MODEL of your DVD player. Just took a peek over at www.dvdrhelp.com and Sony is not that consistant about playability. Not very many players play burned disks from what I could tell.